Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bummer - I've run out

Bummer, I've run out of pre-scheduled blog postings. I was hoping they would last until the study decorating was finished and the desktop computer was up and running again.

They haven't.

Papercages reckons some us have been moaning a bit lately so I won't go on about the decorating again. Nor will I mention the fact that the rest of the house is a tip while all this is going on...

On the other hand, if I concentrate on positive happy things this is going to be my shortest posting ever.

Back soon, I hope!


  1. ROFL!!! Scriptor, your sarcastic humor is not lost, this was a really funny post!


  2. Some people appear to be posting older posts that we might not have read - You might consider that too, Sir, as it seems that folk who find us, don't necessarily delve right back to the time of our inception to Blogland.

    All the best with the study, and don't worry about the mess - We can't see it from here!

    Loved the pics!

  3. Keep hope! The painting will end someday. In the meantime good luck!


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