Monday, 16 March 2009

Growing up

"I remember the first time someone gave me my first blank sheet of paper, no lines... it was wonderful... a treasure. It’s a pity that growing up we start to experience things in a different way, we get used to having so many things. "
Ninu at Etsy


  1. What a precious picture.

  2. They're precious girls, too. Somewhat older now though!

  3. Isn't it amazing how viewing a photo can bring back a flood of memories? Often, it is so powerful for me that I have to be in a certain "mood" to bring out a photo album. Others, I keep surrounding me at all times on the walls of my home or with magnets upon my refrigerator.

    Your photo evoked the wonderful emotions of the sisterly bond, which I always wanted to experience. I had two brothers! Finally, when I had three daughters of my own, I was able to view it from that perspective. It is an amazing experience.

    Your photo also speaks of wistful memories....ahhhhhh, if they could just stay little. They are so sweet, then. :^)

  4. That is so true, that we begin to take what we have for granted, often in the wish to acquire more, rather than appreciating how small our needs can be... A sheet of lined paper, for me it's freshly washed linen on the bed, and a workaday note my mother left me before she died, telling me how she had brought a ball for my toddler son to play with, and telling me that now it was in my neighbour's garden!

    I keep that treasured note in my kitchen in a teapot she bought for me. Strong stuff sir, lovely girls!

  5. I love this picture!!! They are adorable! A tug at the heart for sure!
    Happy days!


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