Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Tropical Fish

In my previous life I had a tropical fish tank. It was one of the few physical objects rescued from my first marriage. It survived the move out into a flat but after a couple of years I got married again and a couple of years after that we moved into a house to allow for our expanding family. The tank didn’t survive the second move and was no longer waterproof. It ended up being a display case for crystals for a few years. I promised myself I’d get a new tank when we had the money. It has never materialised but I really would like to have fish again. This despite having, for a number of years, a strange nightmare in which I had abandoned the tank and the poor things were trying to survive without being fed or cleaned. (Go away, Freud, I’ve no time for you just now.)

The problems would arise when I wanted to visit GB and Helen or otherwise go away for a while. These photos are of some of the species I had; most of which I would like to have in my new tank...


  1. Very pretty fish-- I really like the last one.

  2. Nice photos. I'd like a post from you on the joys of keeping fish. I had one friend who had a tank, but I never picked his brain to the lure, enjoyment, etc.

    You might be the one to illumine me. (I used to visit the Disneyland Hotel just to see their Koi fish. Amazing colors and a sense of tranquility. Perhaps that's a part of it?)


  3. Such beautiful fishies, Sir! Such a variety! We used to keep shubunkins, and loved them - but they are a lot of work to keep alive, and tropical fishies even more so, I would imagine...

    Congrats on winning that lovely book! You have been busy - Have you decorated your study yet?! x


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