Wednesday, 4 March 2009


How is the decorating of the study going, I hear you all ask. Well, actually I don't hear anyone asking it apart from A Woman of No Importance, but that's not going to stop me from telling you...

The ceiling has had four coats of white, the walls have been stripped and had four coats of magnolia paint, the windows have had two coats of white and the door frame has had a coat. My trousers have had a coat - mixed magnolia and white. Then came time to give the door a coat. Needless to say I had removed the door handle and, as always, I had made sure I had a pair of pliers in the room in case the door closed on me. At least, I thought I had the pliers in the study with me. When the door slammed in the wind I discovered I didn’t - they were on the landing. I phoned Jo - who was downstairs - but she was in one of her ‘not-answering-the-phone’ moods. So I happily painted away until such time as she got around to listening to her messages! Good job I didn’t do it when she was at work. The door has now had two coats but looks awful so I may sand it down and do it again.

In the meantime I have to use the laptop until the study is finished and my desktop computer is up and running again. I don’t like the laptop keyboard. Indeed, if had left that sentence as it was first written it would be something like “I do’t ke th laotoo keybod“. For reasons best know to itself it leaves lots of letters out. Added to that I don’t have Office on it so I can’t automatically underline spelling errors.

hOWEVER, (The laptop DOES THAT ALL THE TIME AS WELL!) the end result, a clean and bright and hopefully tidy study will be worth it.


  1. Sir, I hope you know I was being cheeky, and did not doubt for one moment that you were not en garde in the study, feverishly painting!

    I am pleased you have made such progress - When you are finished, Crawford Mansions could do with a coat inside and out?!

    Have you ever seen the fabulously funny Cary Grant film, Mr Blandings Builds His Dream Home, or House, not sure which? It is wonderful, and your witty incident with the door and the pliers, calling for help, actually appears in it several times! You must try to see it once you have recovered from your work - You are so right, it will all be worth it when you can sit back and regard proudly the fruit of your labours. Best of luck!

  2. I think I may have done Crawford Mansions in my sleep last night - I dreamed of this enormous place with dozens of rooms; all needing painting. At least, I think it was a nightmare - I'm too confused to be sure.

  3. Oh my gosh! Funny story (not so much for you). How long until Jo heard that you were locked up?
    Can't wait to see pictures!
    My laptop has a very strange keyboard. On the right hand side, the shift key is small like the rest of the keys. On the left, the shift key is a long key, like it should be. Well, I can be typing away and if I go to use the right side shift and don't hit it exactly right, the curser will jump to some other paragraph and I'll just be typing away not realizing what it's done. Very frustrating!

  4. I glad to hear someone is making progress. You certainly are more ambitious than I. Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed this post immensely.

  5. hahaha and HEY...How come she gets to call you Sir? I see how it is, now ;o). I suppose I should have asked how the painting was coming along.

    So...that is ALOT of painting! I could see how you managed to close yourself in...totally (sounds like something I might have done once).

    ALSO - Those lifelines? too ;o) although, I can't say that I noticed them until you pointed them out to me.

    One more thing...I will take your laptop off of your hands.

    Okay..I'm done being sassy now.

    Beautiful and marvelous day to you.

    Now, how are your joints feeling with all of that painting? I know that I get pretty stiffened and aching with the little I've done...I hope you're taking care while doing all of this ;o).

  6. Did I not ask you how it was going in an email a couple of days ago?

    I assume you were too busy painting to reply!

    If it's any consolation we just moved the bedroom furniture round for the 4th time this year (and it's not over yet!)

  7. Having repainted two rooms last summer I can attest to the lasting pleasure of the upgrade.

    I do not envy you stripping the wall paper. That was the biggest chore for me. (Painting ceilings is quite the challenge as well.) A good chiseled brush for cutting the edges makes a huge difference.

    Maybe when your done you can give the laptop a coat, just for payback!



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