Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My Magic Box by Ellinor

All parents have those moments when they feel especially proud of their children.

Ellinor's Mum, Jan from Wiltshire, has good cause to feel proud just now. My Magic Box is a wonderful poem by Ellinor, aged 9. Please visit Jan's blog and read this magical little poem.


  1. What an engaging little poetess over there, yes?

    So, what WOULD you put in your box? Hmm... this sounds like a blog post response in the making!

  2. Come on over! I would love to learn what you put into yours!

  3. I went over to Tracy - why don't you and add your magic box...

  4. I loved your response, Scriptor! The line "The taste of the air on an Autumn morning" literally made me stop and think, yes! I know what he means!

    Even my mother put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, after reading Ellinor's poem. You can read it here (and I included yours too).


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