Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pensby shops

This uninspiring row of shops is our local row of shops. The only thing that is special about it is that it is OUR row of shops. But not for long if Tesco have their way. They have a planning application in to demolish the last three or four shops (currently empty awaiting the decision) to make yet another supermarket.

Do we need another supermarket? No. Are we lovers of Tesco? No. Do we want even more big lorries rumbling down the road? No. Do we think there will be enough parking for a supermarket? No. Do we want the row of shops to look ridiculous by being made into half a row? No. As I said, it is an uninspiring row of shops but it is ours – leave it alone, Tesco.


  1. Your row of shops is absolutely charming! (Unlike the strip malls we have over here! Big time ugly!)
    I do so love your pictures!

  2. Tesco and the like care about nothing other than being the biggest, most powerful supermarket outlet in the UK, and if they could - take over the world!

    This all-conquering form of capitalism may find itself (if unchecked) turning back the clock to a time when many of the masses worked for their masters, and had few rights. A long time off perhaps, but still mathematically possible?

    best regards


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