Tuesday 30 March 2010

Black and White Tuesday - Days Out

Today’s Black and White Tuesday Theme is Days Out

My great uncle Wardie (James William Warden Spencer) in his car at Lower Peover, Cheshire, summer 1927. In the back are Mum and her cousin Muriel Lane. Any idea what the car was, GB?

Eileen Wildman (Mum’s cousin), Mum and Uncle Eric c 1927 in Delamere Forest, Cheshire. Note that the car is left hand drive.

And it has a super horn!

The staff from Mum’s office (The Insurance Committee) on a day out to Blackpool, 1928. Mum took the photo so she is not on it. Don’t you just love the 1920s hats in all these photos?

This was a day out in Mum and Uncle Eric's cycling days - the Horsehoe Pass 1929.

And just to finish off - here's an odd photo that is a bit of a mystery. It is labelled the Revd. W R Owen, Rhewl, Ruthin. I’m not sure why he featured in Mum’s album but I like the car!


  1. Oh gosh. Mum talked about the Vicar from Rhewl. I think he gave them a lift when they were camping . It's moments like this that I wish my memory would work! I know I heard about if quite a few times over the years when we drove between Ruthin and Denbigh.

  2. My immediate reaction to Uncle Wardie's car is that it was an Austin 7 in one of its incarnations. It has all the classic features except the doors. I can find no picture of an Austin 7 with those doors. If we can flag that one I can look in my books when I get back to Eagleton. This could be interesting.

  3. John, it's an Austin 7 and could well be an import they were made under licence in Germany by BMW, also in America and France.
    AS for the model now that is way beyond me pre Opal I would guess.
    Great photographs.

  4. Astounding pictures. Delving into the family album of yesteryears amaze me. I love the works outing picture.

  5. love your past pics! and the hats...well I am re-creating them today! I have sold about 20 so far! Everyone loves to wear them! They are crocheted of course but look just like the 20's!

  6. John, these photos are glorious. ;^)
    I love the hats, too. When I visited England in 1975, that is what I bought myself in an English department store. (Wish I could remember the name of the store OR the name of the town!) The hat is a cloche' just like these! I still have it.


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