Sunday 24 February 2019

This week's incoming postcards / stamps

20 postcards, 2 folded cards ...

and not forgetting a half card!

Tuesday 19 February 2019

A Day to Remember

The British love their heritage,
Their pomp and pageantry;
And nothing suits them better than
An anniversary –
An excuse for a toast and a flag on a pole,
Or a plaque, or to plant a tree.
Every day of the year belongs to a saint
Or a much more colourful sinner:
Someone died, or someone was born
King Alfred burnt the dinner,
Or something remarkable happened, or
The West Indies brought on a spinner.
But the dullest day in all the year
Is the nineteenth of February,
For nothing of note took place today
As far as I can see….

           Nigel Forde

Which just goes to show he never reeds Messymimi's blog -

Sunday 17 February 2019

Postcards - this week's incoming

I am aiming to do a weekly blog post showing the incoming postcards and some folded cards for the week.  Whether I'll manage to keep it up or not remains to be seen but here is this week's.

They came from Scotland (folded cards), Finland, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece, The Netherlands and Tierra del Fuego - the southernmost tip of Argentina, the end of the world!  Thanks to all concerned.

Monday 11 February 2019

Granny Weatherwax and 'friends'

When I’m in need of pure escapism from life, reality, pain, or whatever, I travel to The Discworld of Terry Pratchett.  Perhaps the following  quotes from “Equal Rites” may give you a hint why…

There was a village tucked in a narrow valley between steep woods.  It wasn’t a large village, and wouldn’t have shown up on a map of the mountains.   It barely showed up on a map of the village.
It was, in fact, one of those places that exist merely so that people can have come from them… Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynaecological probability, someone very famous was born half way up a wall. 

‘And you know where it is?’
‘Yes,’ lied Granny, whose grasp of geography was slightly worse than her knowledge of sub-atomic physics.

Anyone watching closely would have noticed strange things happening as she passed by….  A boxful of marzipan ducks on a nearby stall came to life and whirred past the stallholder to land, quacking happily, in the river (where, by dawn, they had all melted: that’s natural selection for you).

Hilta gave her a mystified look, then climbed on her broom and rose slowly and erratically into the shadows among the chimneys.  If broomsticks were cars, this one would be a split-window Morris Minor.

‘No need to take that tone,’ said Granny.  ‘I don’t see why I should listen to that sort of language from a wizard who can’t even answer letters!’
‘Oh’,’ he said.  ‘Oh, I see.  They were from you, were they?’
‘That’s right. I signed them on the bottom.  It’s supposed to be a sort of clue, isn’t it?’

Thursday 7 February 2019

Seven years ago...

Seven years ago today I joined Postcrossing.  It has been a most enjoyable experience.  I've made new friends. 

I've had postcards from all over the world though Africa and South America have been poorly represented. 

I've sent postcards all over the world.

I've interacted with people in 64 different countries...  If you are interested in joining please go to  and see how you set about it.  It's free but you'll need to buy postcards and stamps..

  • Postcards by country

  •  CountrySentReceivedAvg travel
    Avg travel
    1Argentina1019 days-
    2Australia181313 days12 days
    3Austria856 days11 days
    4Belarus546020 days13 days
    5Belgium15159 days8 days
    6Bosnia-Herzegovina1029 days-
    7Brazil11514 days22 days
    8Brunei1026 days-
    9Bulgaria248 days14 days
    10Canada242113 days11 days
    11China454731 days23 days
    12Croatia118 days7 days
    13Cyprus1015 days-
    14Czechia371910 days8 days
    15Denmark113 days4 days
    16Ecuador1024 days-
    17Estonia9512 days9 days
    18Finland79929 days6 days
    19France37317 days9 days
    20Germany1712438 days7 days
    21Greece309 days-
    22Hong Kong211617 days11 days
    23Hungary708 days-
    24India10413 days8 days
    25Indonesia6417 days12 days
    26Ireland2312 days4 days
    27Israel107 days-
    28Italy1378 days37 days
    29Japan352910 days9 days
    30Kazakhstan1024 days-
    31Korea (South)9313 days106 days
    32Latvia1045 days9 days
    33Lithuania171711 days6 days
    34Luxembourg03-4 days
    35Macao1015 days-
    36Macedonia01-12 days
    37Malaysia121027 days12 days
    38Mexico11170 days54 days
    39Moldova5023 days-
    40Netherlands1191186 days7 days
    41New Zealand3810 days13 days
    42Norway535 days9 days
    43Philippines5223 days29 days
    44Poland392817 days14 days
    45Portugal1567 days17 days
    46Romania3219 days20 days
    47Russia8314934 days20 days
    48Saint Pierre & Miquelon01-16 days
    49Serbia01-22 days
    50Singapore10737 days31 days
    51Slovakia848 days9 days
    52Slovenia155 days8 days
    53South Africa6169 days11 days
    54Spain181018 days20 days
    55Sweden537 days3 days
    56Switzerland10117 days6 days
    57Taiwan484820 days16 days
    58Thailand4335 days16 days
    59Tunisia1026 days-
    60Turkey9716 days22 days
    61U.S.A.11511412 days13 days
    62Ukraine393815 days13 days
    63United Arab Emirates1117 days14 days
    64United Kingdom1745 days5 days

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