Monday 31 December 2018

ROLL ON 2019

Wednesday 19 December 2018

The Best a Man Can Get

Quotes from "The Best a Man Can Get"

We’ve all done it.  We’ve all kept little secrets from our partners.  We’ve all avoided telling them an awkward detail or subtly skirted over something we’d rather they didn’t know.  We’ve all rented a secret room on the other side of the city where we could hide half the week to get away from all that boring, exhausting baby stuff.  Oh, that last oine is just me apparently.

Alarm clocks are for people who have something more important to do than sleeping, and this is a concept that I struggled to grasp.

“Dear Deirdre, I am an attractive blonde and people say I have a good figure,  The other night, when my husband was away, his brother came round and one thing led to another and we ended up in bed…”  He broke off from reading out the letter.  “They always say that: one thing led to another.  How exactly does one thing lead to another, because that must be the bit that I’m getting wrong.  I understand the brother coming round, and I understand that they were in bed together.  But how did they get from the first stage to the last?”
“It’s easy, Simon,” said Jim.  “…one thing leads to another.”

“What are the kids doing?”
“Millie’s watching the Postman Pat video; the one in which he goes oin a shooting spree through Greendale.  And Alfie is strapped in his chair watching Millie.”
“Oh well, as long as the telly’s on.  We wouldn’t want to leave them unsupervised.”

I found these photos simultaneously revolting and compelling.  Like car crashes and anchovies, you knew they were horrible but you couldn’t help double-checking to make sure they were as sickening as they’d seemed the first time.

She told me I should stick up for myself and, not having the courage to argue with her, I meekly agreed that I would in future.

There had been a time when I had hated him for leaving Mum, but now I no longer based my view of people entirely on what my mother had thought.  I didn’t still think that Liberace had just never found the right girl.

                                                      John O’Farrell

Monday 17 December 2018

A Festive Postbox

Little people and big people love this Christmas post box in Liverpool's Lime Street.

With especial thanks to the kind parents who lent me their little person to help my postcards on their way. 

Sunday 16 December 2018

Fun with fours

Fun with Fours

Four names I go by:
1. John
2. Clive
3. CJ
4. Mr Edwards

Four places I've lived:
1. Broadgreen, Liverpool
2. Headingly, Leeds
3. Formby, Sefton
4. Pensby, Wirral

Four things I love to watch..
1. Strictly Come Dancing
2. Pointless
3. Formula One
4. Richard Osman's House of Games

Four places I have visited:
1. The Western Isles
2. Great Gable, Cumbria
3. Land's End
4. Lleyn Peninsula

Four things I love to eat:
1. Lemon meringue pie
2. Roast dinner
3. Lentil soup
4. Cheese

Four favourite drinks:
1. Breakfast tea (milk, two sugars)
2. Cappuccino
3. Bitter Lemon
4. Amaretto

Four smells I like
1. Furniture polish (Mr Sheen)
2. Roses
3. Lavender
4. Bacon

Why don't you have some fun with fours...

Tuesday 11 December 2018

It's Christmas! (Well almost)

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will already have seen these but I appreciate some folk only look at my blog so I'm posting them here as well.

First job - clear the window-ledges and floor.

Start putting up Christmas cards.

Put out decorations on the window ledges.

Then the tree goes up.

Sorting the tree lights out takes hours - only to discover they weren't working.

Off to the shops for some new lights.

Then the tinsel and baubles go on.

A few early presents go under the tree.

An, of course, the mistletoe finds a place,

And when it goes dark (sorry about quality of photo) we have this -

Monday 10 December 2018


December 10th was Dad's birthday.  He was born in 1907.

This is a sketch I did last year from a photo I took in 1964.

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