Monday 24 August 2020

Walking for Wirral Hospice

Jo and I had a good walk on Sunday in memory of Val Ross and thanks to some very generous supporters raised £240 for Wirral Hospice. Thanks to everyone involved.

Friday 7 August 2020

Wirral Hospice St John's

When Jo and I got married 33 years ago we wanted our wedding to be a bit different.  We also wanted special friends to be a part of the ceremony as well as part of our lives so my best person was Anne Winfield - a close friend from college days - and Jo was given away by her best friend Val Ross. 

Sadly, in 2018 Val died.  During her last few months she spent a lot of time in Wirral Hospice.  They cared for her wonderfully. And they were always helpful and considerate of her friends and family. 

During these crazy months of 2020 the hospice - like many charities - has had an enormous shortfall in its income.  Its charity shops have all been closed and so far only a couple have reopened.  Even now  accepting items for the shops is fraught with difficulty because they have to be stored prior to being handled.  Nearly all the hospice's  planned fundraising events were dependent on people having physical contact in one way or another and were therefore cancelled.  Lots of people have done sponsored events at home but I believe Wirral Hospice has a shortfall this year on its anticipated income of over £250,000. 
On August 23rd Jo and I are doing a sponsored walk for the hospice in remembrance of Val.   Many other people will also be walking in memory of a loved one but we are all walking separately in our own local area. 

If you would like to make a donation to the hospice you can do so on our justgiving page (link below)  All contributions, no matter how big or small, will be welcomed. 

Wednesday 5 August 2020


A breach of the Trades Descriptions Act 1968...

(In the UK the Trade Descriptions Act (TDA) makes it an offence 
for traders to falsely describe goods and services. It would, for example, be an
 offence for a tour operator to say a hotel has air conditioning when it does 
not, or for a retailer to say a handbag is leather when it is plastic.)

Sunday 2 August 2020


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