Friday 19 February 2021

Journey to the West this is what we said to those who asked us who we were and where we came from:

We are human beings first and last, our religion is our faith in humanity and there can be no religion greater than that.  If we call ourselves Indians we will meet Pakistanis.  If we go as Hindus we will meet Christians and Muslims. If we go as socialists we will meet capitalists.  If we go as human beings we will meet human beings everywhere. 

        Satish Kumar

Sunday 14 February 2021

February 14th


Tuesday 19 January 2021

One, two, three

 Ì am fond of old rhymes and find it sad that sitting In front of a box watching "Beauty and the Beast" for the umpteenth time has, in many cases, replaced listening to one's  parents or grandparents recite rhymes

One of the fascinating things about old rhymes is that, because they were anonymous and passed on by word of mouth, numerous variations on the same theme would arise.  Memory also plays its part so it will be of interest to see if my bother, GB, recalls it exactly the same as I do.

For example, the version of 'One, two, three, mother caught a flea' that I was taught by my mother was -

One, two, three, mother caught a flea,

Put it in the teapot, 

Made a cup of tea.

The flea jumped out,

Mother gave a shout.

In rushed father with his shirt hanging out.

If you were taught that rhyme were the words the same or slightly different?    When I Googled it there were various versions but the thing that surprised me most was that some had three verses, the second beginning 'Four, five, six,' and the third 'Seven, eight, nine'.

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