Saturday, 17 September 2011

Tintern Station

  On the way North from Exeter to Scotland in July, GB and I stopped at Tintern Station.  Much to my disappointement my previous stopping point at Tintern itself - the old antique shop and coffee stop with its pleasant host has closed down.  We'll probably give stopping in Tintern a miss in future though the old station was pretty enough.


  1. smart rail master, with such a lovely tea place, no one will complain if the train is late.

  2. Very picturesque! Years ago, I've been to Pickering Station, a stop of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway; as far as I know, it was used in the Harry Potter films (both the station and the train).

  3. love it! sorry your special place is closed.

  4. The place is pretty enough but I was a little disappointed by the fact that they put a pay-and-display parking machine there. I don't think it's a really wise policy to try and charge your customers to park when they stop for coffee.


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