Tuesday, 6 September 2011

News for Jo (subtitled - telling tales)

Actually it isn't news - it happened quite a while ago but I just came across it again -
Derry, New Mexico. - While it's unclear how the car actually got onto the roof of the house, police estimate that it was airborne for about 150 feet before crashing into the bedroom of Joanne and Mahlon Donovan. "The thing was right in front of my face," Mr. Donovan, 65, said. I could feel the heat from the exhaust system coming through the sheets." The 20-year-old who was driving the car was later arrested for drunk driving. The expected arrival of an automobile into her bedroom was insufficient to awaken Mrs. Donovan, however, who had to be shaken awake after the crash.

Partner-who-loves-tea can also sleep through anything. Richard has a habit of cooking in the middle of the night and it's not unknown for the fire alarm - a sensitive creature - to go off. I get up and check everything's OK and he apologises, even though he's not really done anything untowrd to set it off. Jo sleeps through it. We're both aware that if there ever was fire we'd need to carry her out, half-naked, into the pouring rain and cold before she'd deign to wake up.

When we lived in Liverpool our road was fairly narrow and occasionally two cars would park opposite each other – not leaving enough space for a fire engine to get through. On one occasion, at about two in the morning I awoke to the sound of a fire engine revving its engine as it tried to manoeuvre between parked cars. I went to the window to make sure it wasn’t my car that causing a problem. It wasn’t but the car was right outside our house. The fire engine got through but in annoyance at the thoughtless parking – and who can blame him – once through the driver put on his klaxon for a moment or two. Right outside our single-glazed window. Even though I’d been watching it I jumped out of my skin. Jo didn’t even wake up.

On another occasion I was very ill during the night and tried to wake Jo for help. I talked to her, I shook her, in the end I shouted in her ear “Jo, I need you!” At least that got a response –
That’s nice, dear,” she mumbled before turning over and resuming her dreams. I gave up.

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  1. Oh my, what blessed sleep! And not drug-induced! He he, "that's nice, dear" made me chuckle :-)


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