Saturday, 24 September 2011


In August, on the way down from GB's, Jo and I spent a few hours in Gairloch, Wester Ross on the West coast of Scotland. It's a super place and even provided us with some sunshine!

It even has a bookstore!

Jo - looking to rescue crabs and starfish that have got stranded.

I'll show the starfish in another post.


  1. Another beautiful place.
    Is that a Club Tailed Dragonfly?

  2. Sadly no, Adrian, it's a Common Darter.

  3. Oh Well! Par for me. If in doubt I usually prefix my finds with Common.

  4. Such great pictures, thank you! The one with the shell half-buried in the sand is especially beautiful.

  5. Rescuing stranded crabs! Wow!

  6. I love these photos.
    Dragonflies are so beautiful and for the most part, unappreciated!
    I really liked that last close-up. Wow, that claw!
    Oh, and being a hillbilly I can tell you that real hillbillies would only have signs up saying, "KEEP OUT". (Making moonshine, don't you know...)


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