Thursday, 29 September 2011

Friday My Town Shoot-out – Stairs (or ladders)

I have some brilliant (he said modestly) photos of stairs in a Victorian house we lived in. In black-and-white, they are among the photos in the loft that haven’t been scanned into the computer yet. And you should see my loft – it’s up a ladder and I’m not brilliant at managing those nowadays – at least, not with my hands full. So I’m going to cheat and instead of stairs I’m going to show you some ladders I’ve found recently – after all, they are simply the forerunners of stairs…

A ladder stile - Lleyn peninsula, N Wales

Ladder at the Ambleside Mill on Stock Ghyll (now the Giggling Goose restaurant about which I’ll blog another day)

This climbing frame is called Jacob's Ladder.

Ladder stairs in Otterton Mill, Devon

Notice requesting the public not to use the stairs at Otterton Mill.

Why not visit the link to other bloggers and see what pictures they have chosen?


  1. Well, I may just be the first to comment, as this is my first day as your new follower.
    I have a thing for staircases - perhaps because of the invitation they infer 'come along up'.

  2. That's not cheating, because ladders are indeed a kind of stairs.
    Love the sign :-)

  3. I have a yen to climb the Giggling Goose steps.

    Wonder what's up there and what you can see from the window.


  4. That was very interesting. Right they were the forerunners of steps.

  5. Ghost? I bet the staffs there wouldn't want to climb the stairs with the ghost around there...

  6. I love you r ladders and i think the third photo on my post on stairs is actually a ladder too, come to think of it. :)

  7. LOL I loooove the last one!! Wonderful pictures:) Sarah

  8. Oh oh that 3rd photo give me time to climb that ladder lol! ^_^


  9. we have a lot of these ladder stiles, surprisingly, they can give the impression that it is quite high on top.

    I almost posted a similar Jaccob's ladder. My son went to a jungle gym in Australia, and there were lots of adventure challenges.

    Thanks for you comment on ABC, it is very interesting to take part in the meme.

  10. I really like your first shot SS. that is a clever way to get over a fence!! lol

  11. I like the ladder stile; there's steps therefore it fits the bill I say. Seems very upmarket to me! Also love the Jacob's Ladder.


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