Sunday, 18 September 2011

Thoughtful Sunday - An ABC for living.

Ask for help - recognise your limitations but Believe in your own abilities. Care about others and Care for yourself. Do your own thing. Eat wisely. Treat Friends as the precious creatures they are. Don’t be afraid to Grieve when occasion demands nor to be Happy when life is good. Learn that ‘I’ is one of the most important letters of the alphabet and that Justice is one of the most important words. Kill no creature except in self-defence. Accept Love wherever it is offered but give it wisely. Make hay while the sun shines but don’t expect the rain to stop just because you have a field to reap. Remember it is your right to say No (or Yes) and no one should be able to force you to their will. Seek Peace and harmony in your surroundings. Question the motives of both others and yourself but don’t allow cynicism to make assumptions about why you or they do things. Read. Speak wisely and if you must criticise do so positively. If you love someone Tell them. Upset no one without good cause. Value what you have but don’t feel guilty about Wishing for improvement. EXamine your conscience – it is your best guide and mentor. Keep Yourself safe and healthy. Apply yourself with Zeal to all that you do.

(I'm sure you could come up with some equally positive alphabet for yourself if you tried - why not do so and I'd be happy to receive it as a comment!)


  1. Wow! You are like the Socrates of Sesame Street! I think I am going to print this up and paste it to the wall next to my computer. I love it and sometime it will make a great exercise for me to do myself. Thanks.

  2. Thanks B & B - I've been called some things but the Socrates of Sesame Street takes the cake!

  3. Thank you-loved this. I tried to do this myself-each time it changed completely. Amazing and I never would have thought to do this.


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