Friday, 30 September 2011

It's hot

It’s hot. I’m sitting at the dining table using the laptop at eight at night. It’s now dark outside and all I have on are my shorts. Not a pretty sight - but it is hot! Yesterday was 29th September, Michaelmas Day – often regarded as the beginning of autumn. Ironically, the temperature was higher than any Michaelmas since 1895. Today was hotter and tomorrow could be the hottest October day on record. We’re having a summer at last. I’m glad I didn’t put the fans away in the loft for the winter.

And talking of the loft. After doing some gardening in the beautiful weather I then spent a few hours yesterday and today starting to tidy up the loft and get rid of some of the stuff we have stored there. Some trips to the tip and the charity shop will definitely be called for.

This is the point where I access the loft – after having cleared three sacks, a duvet and seven boxes…. You’ll have to imagine how difficult it was to crawl into it before I did that.

This is the rest of the loft. It’s the whole width of the house – about 35 feet - and two boxes deep on either side and one cannot stand up in it – only kneel. It’s a really fun job I’ve taken on. Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it – it’s hot. At the moment you could roast a chicken in the loft without any difficulty.

After complaining about all the rain I’m never satisfied, am I?


  1. How lucky are you!

    Up here in the Hebrides we have been shrouded in mist and fog for the past two days. It has been very humid and the wind very warm. Inbetween the mist and fog we have had spells of fine rain. I am seriously beginning to wonder whether there is life in the outside world. I cannot see further than the island in the bay and sometimes not even the island. I would really like some sunshine please.

  2. wow! that's a very high temp for the end of September!

  3. My brother was saying how HOT it is. unusually so....
    Well, I 'spect you should enjoy it, before long we'll be moaning how cold it is :)
    Maybe a Walls Ice Cream with a Cadbury flake might help :)

  4. It's lovely to see photos of the loft after all this time. It's both larger and tidier than I imagined :-)

    Happy sorting - I'm sure the hot weather won't last long.

  5. I'm conviced that we collect stuff to fill all the available space. I live in a small apartment,so I have less stuff. I have to admit I feel a tinge of envy for your loft-just imagining the collections I could start. Do you know what's in all those boxes? It's wonderful to have so much storage space.

  6. How industrious!
    Not hot here - turned cold and rainy again today, but I'm not complaining as I'm longing to light a log fire.

  7. I was waiting to hear how hot it was up there in the loft ;) Really, we would call these 'attics'...they are always extremely hot in the warmer months and extremely cold in winter.

    I can't imagine it being the length of the house...and how many things you're able to store there. We really have no storage areas in our home. The attic is not 'me' friendly and can only be entered through a tiny square board in our bedroom ceiling. The basement is dirt, rock and damp. The garage is super critter friendly and the two sheds outside are, too.

    Oh, bother. We have one small closet downstairs where the cat has his potty and then we have another upstairs that is terribly musty. Let's see....hmmmm...oh, we have the front porch - which tends to be the collect all of anything that we want to be kept clean, dry and critter free. Imagine how it looks out there?


  8. Believe it or not, clearing out the loft (or the cellar, or a wardrobe, or kitchen cabinest) IS a fun job for me! So, if you pay for the flight, I'll be over and sort that loft, regardless of the temperature up there :-)

  9. I was thinking as I was reading how hot it must have been up there.

    Well done for tenacity though...I'd have given up and found somewhere cool to read a book.



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