Wednesday, 7 September 2011

A Ramble from Home...

Firstly my apologies to anyone who has commented on my scheduled blog postings over the last week. I've only just got around to moderating them.  I could tell a fib and say I haven’t had internet access since leaving GB last Tuesday morning. In fact I could have accessed it at some of the places we stayed and we got back home on Sunday night so I’ve had a couple of days to sign in to our new Broadband. But unpacking, washing clothes, looking at photos of Helen and Ian’s wedding to decide which to frame, and generally settling in has taken precedence until now.

Yesterday Partner-who-drinks-tea went back at work so I’ve decided it was time I checked in with the world.

We had a wonderful trip down from the Western Isles. Despite a calm crossing I really disliked the ferry crossing over to Ullapool but that’s more to do with my phobia about water than sea-sickness from which I don't usually suffer - though I do dislike the effect the motion has on my head.

We spent the Tuesday night in Ullapool and thoroughly enjoyed chatting to a seal that came into the harbour.

On Wednesday we drove along to Corrieshalloch Gorge where we tested Jo’s dislike of heights. Once I’d evened things up by doing that we had a most enjoyable drive stopping at Gairloch to enjoy a brief period of sunshine to walk along the loch side and beach comb.

We enjoyed ourselves rescuing poorly starfish and putting them in the softer wet sand where they could bury themselves again.

After a night at Spean Bridge we drove to Fort William and had a wander round the charity shops and gift shops.

Although it was cloudy and dull we thoroughly enjoyed another beachcomb along the shores of Loch Linnhe and then went wandering through the lanes at Barravullin to a farmer’s market where Jo was enchanted by a friendly Robin.

We finished the day at the Argyll Hotel in Inverary where we were also booked to stay the next night. Not a bad view to have from one’s bedroom window.

Haggis (for me) and Salmon (for Jo) were the choices from tonight’s menu.

A walk after dinner was most enjoyable.

On Friday we just wandered locally, viewing the outside of the castle and generally having an easy day. Scotland would not be Scotland without finding a piper somewhere!

Saturday dawned wet and misty and though it meant the tops were hidden it gave some wonderfully atmospheric views through the Rest and Be Thankful pass over to Loch Lomond. Jo drove us down to the Lake District where I navigated by forty year old memory to a remote farmhouse for our last night of freedom. A walk along a footpath tested Jo’s new wellies and allowed us to say hello to a couple of delightful ponies.

Dawn broke on Sunday with the most glorious sunshine and that accompanied us all the way home through Grasmere, Ambleside and as far as the Mersey Tunnel where the rain started. Unfortunately Jo ‘did her back in’ before we set out for the day and was in a lot of pain but it is beginning to ease a bit now.

Sadly, on Monday, Helen and Ian’s cat William died. He came to an end peacefully after having been in pain recently because his face was gradually getting more and more ravaged by illness. Helen and Ian will miss him a lot.

As for the future, as Spike Milligan said, “I don't have a plan, so nothing can go wrong!


  1. That's a lovely photo of William. I'd forgotten what he used to look like. Must look through some more old photos.

    Thank you for all the lovely postcards, xx

  2. A wonderful post. It's good to travel.

  3. Sorry to hear about poor William :-(

    Thank you for wonderful photos and entertaining description of your trip home! It sounds like something I would enjoy, too (except for the Haggis, that is). Love the gorge!!!

  4. Oh wow...all of your photos and travelings!!! What a delicious looking meal, Jo had...mmmmm. I love salmon!

  5. A lovely travelogue, with great photos. Sorry about Jo's back though. Hope it's better now. And sorry about Helen & Ian's little cat. I hope they can find another feline companion soon. We all really need our pets.

    Welcome home from Canadian Chickadee, and another friendly English Robin! xoxo

  6. The salmon and vegetable platter in front of Jo is huge! Enough for three people. Was this just for her?
    I do admit it looks very tasty and I'd enjoy all I could eat then ask for a "to-go box" for the remainder.

  7. Good journey. So much better than the quick dashes I usually make.


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