Wednesday, 9 December 2009

An update.

Just to keep folk up-to-date with some of the latest news. Firstly, our friend’s son who is in hospital with kidney failure following eating fungi is stable but in need of constant dialysis.

Secondly, Meek, the cat, seems to be fully recovered and is bouncing and squeaking around in his usual happy fashion. Considering he was on death’s door it is amazing really.

On the subject of ‘Comments’ I’m pleased to say that re-installing word verification seems to have done the trick and the unwanted spam comments have dried up with the exception of the occasional advert which has obviously been done by hand and not some automated process.

I’m a member of the Friday My Town Shoot-out team and there is a new way of seeing who has posted each week – by visiting a site which is organised using Mr Linky. I have never been involved in Mr Linky before but have to confess it is easy to use and quite useful.

Folk have also been kind enough to ask about me. As yet I'm still waiting for surgery - a heart by-pass - which is allegedly taking place before Christmas but I have yet to be given a date.


  1. Prayers for your friend's son, to a complete recovery, as was Meek's.
    How did I miss YOUR HEART BYPASS SURGERY coming up???
    Seriously, I hope the surgery comes up quickly and you feel amazingly better soon after! I'm going back over your posts now. I'll be back!
    We have a friend that just had QUINTUPLE bypass surgery!!! (He's fine, btw) I didn't even know there were more than four! Am I showing my lack of intelligence here? Probably. :) Please be patient with me!

  2. So glad to hear the good news about little Meek. We will keep hoping and praying for equally good news about you -- though the mental image of you bouncing around the house and squeaking does make me smile! :0)
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Wonderful to hear that Meek is back to his squeaky self.

  4. Good luck with the operation, the waiting must be pretty stressful. If they had any sense they would diagnose test and operate. They have to if you are pulled from under a bus. Glad the Meek is back to normal, sounds like something out of the Eale comic. I won't venture down the mushroom route. There but for the grace of god.

  5. I had no idea you were having by-pass surgery. That must be fairly stressful and scary. I hope you recover enough to enjoy the Christmas holidays with your family.

    Glad meeks is bouncing around again and I hope the best for your friend's son, and you.

  6. That's awful about the boy eating the mushroom-Hope he has a full recovery. Glad about the kitty, and concerned about you! Best wishes on an excellent result from your bypass and a speedy recovery!

  7. I have not heard you are having surgery. hope it all goes well for you. good to hear everyone else, and Meek, is bouncing back to normal.

  8. Thoughts and prayers headed your way....

  9. Sorry to hear about your friend and about your upcoming heart surgery.

    At least Meek is feeling good. And what a wonderful photo of him.

    Take care.

    Oh, nice photo of your father. He looks like he was a wonderful man.


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