Friday, 11 December 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Weather

Emma chose this week’s topic – the weather. Emma lives in Arizona. Last week she described two of her favourite things as being pregnant and running. So it’s not just half a planet that divides us! Nevertheless, I hope you’ll visit her blog and see what weather pictures she posts today.

This first shot is of the snow at Freshfield on Merseyside.

And the second of blue sky with fluffy clouds is in Devon.

The rest are all from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.



The sun is up

Rain in the distance

A misty sunset

Clear blue skies.

There's a storm coming in.


And a rainbow.

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I hope you have a calm day...


  1. What a wonderful variation in weather. I really like your sunset and storm clouds, however, all of your photos are quite lovely. Oh, I like the rain in the distance the best.

  2. I love all your photos here, awesome!

  3. I love that rain in the distance, and the coming storm. And all of your photos. You make me long to get out of this office!

  4. wow, these pics are stunning!

    I like are not procrastinating, but you are resting...

  5. Beautiful photos John. I do hope it is warmer in your part of the world than in mine.

  6. good job Lad.
    All the tails of Scotland I have ever read have at least one scene with ground mist.... it must be a common condition. your photo of ground mist is the best... have a great weekend.

  7. The storm clouds look almost solid! A great selection. The colors of the sunsets. The waves against the rock -- so perfectly timed. I enjoyed this immensely.

  8. Your pictures, as usual are breathtakingly beautiful, especially the weather pictures from the Isle of Lewis. We are loving the shot of the storm coming in. The clouds look so turbulent. Also the shot of the rain in the distance looks like a person could reach up and touch those low lying clouds! The blue sky pic is such a contrast. Thank you for sharing these, Scriptor!

    We hope blue skies are smiling at you,
    from Barry and Linda

  9. What a great collection of shots. Nice work on this one!

  10. They are all welcoming settings to be in. My favorites are the first, and the third (of course) with the Mist and field of Heather(?).

    Wonderful places to have been, I'm sure.

  11. great series of weather shots. the storm clouds look very familiar for these parts! rainbow shot is awesome.

    have a great weekend!!

  12. Beautiful images - especially the water, and crashing surf.
    Your tree is very pretty. I'm so tired of 'theme' trees. It's nice to see one that just lookes festive and colourful.

  13. Oh oh oh...I loved every one!! The one of the inlet is my favorite..the clear skys and water..Wonderful shootout, Sarah

  14. Very nice choices. I think the sunrise & the storm clouds are very dramatic.

  15. Another set of perfect photos here I can say. Your photos showed different kinds of weather that is.

    BTW, can I grab the best photo of yours that I like? I will make another special post. Thanks in advance!

  16. Oh, dear. I was just thinking "Isn't Devon the most photogenic landscape?" when I moved on to the Isle of Lewis shots. I really must get up to Scotland on one of my U.K. visits. Thank you, and I return your parting wish -- I hope you have a calm day.

  17. Wow, you could call your collection of photos a study in color. Just beautiful!

  18. Applause.

    Very lovely.

    Happy Holidays!

  19. Love your little blurb about me, LOL. At least we both like photography! :)
    I love your post too. Your creative way of capturing different elements of weather was awesome.


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