Thursday, 17 December 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out – My Town Dressed for Christmas

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is My Town Dressed for Christmas.

Liverpool – City of Culture 2008 and the city with two cathedrals - is celebrated in the lighting in the city centre but I left before they were switched on.

Liverpool has a Go Penguin theme this Christmas time. There are about 200 of them scattered about the city.

The usual skating rink has appeared in the city centre for the Christmas period.....

...accompanied by a children’s funfair.

Within India Buildings the glorious architecture is supplemented by the decorations.

Inside St George’s Hall – another tree.

The new Liverpool One shopping centre.

Cavern Walks – not exactly traditional Christmas colours but pretty nonetheless.

The Liverpool FC shop is, of course, decorated in red and white.

The traditional giant Christmas tree.

Rapid Hardware – the only shop I saw which recalled what the Christmas time celebrations were about!

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  1. Penguins in Liverpool, may be they are some body's massage to Copenhagen.

    The tree is very nice and traditional. and the ceiling is wow.

  2. I like the looks of the shopping center. Is it a hardware store with the Nativity in it's window? I don't think I'll be able to share my actual town's decor but I'm sure I'll figure out something. Gotta run out to town for a few minutes in a few minutes to pick up my son from his after school activity - suppose I can grab a few then.

    I am feeling much-MUCH better today than yesterday...thank you for your well wishes. I think that the stone(s) find it's way out. I hope so. No pain anyway for today :)

    A good visit to your town, this was.

  3. How wonderful to take a walk through town with you and to see the sights of Christmas where you live! I just love that. Gives me a great idea, I haven't even gone to town to take pics of the desert Christmas decor! I should do that! No ice skating rink here, it would be a big huge puddle of water before the end of the day! (sigh) too bed!

  4. Love the nativity scene. Saw one last Saturday but was on the hunt for food and didn't linger to take a photo. You have some wonderful Christmas season shots! And those penguins would put anyone in a festive mood!

  5. Happy, happy, joy, joy! That is the felling I got when I looked at your photos. Great job. I so want to go shopping in that mall.

  6. Great shots as usual. I am becoming a fan of your photography; you really capture some wonderful moments!

  7. Thank you for sharing the lovely photo of the nativity. We don't see it enough, do we?

  8. I just went to town to get pictures and battery was down. Guess I will use old pictures. I have enjoyed the FSO but don't get out myself a lot. Some nice photos here. Blessings to you and family.

  9. Don't you just love it going around the shopping malls around this time of the year, most of them would have some unique chritsmas decorations for the shoppers to gawk at!

  10. The India buildings are gorgeous, and it's nice to see some photos of downtown Liverpool, too. Great daylight Christmas photos!

  11. All the photos were great. The last one says it all. Thanks, Scriptor.

  12. Nice Shootout, Scriptor.
    Those are some nifty penguins. They remind me of the Cow Parades of the 90's, and the Lions of Munich (which can be seen here
    In a way it's a shame that the nativity is going out of public holiday displays, but on the other hand it makes this season much friendlier to those of us who aren't Christian. I for one get tired of being browbeaten with Baby Jesus everywhere. There's a lot more to the end of December than Christmas.

  13. Nice array of photos! I miss having an ice rink near us...well NYC has two, but with my schedule I did not make it in yet...

    Did not realize Liverpool had the title of 'City of Culture', as I will have to read upon that...

  14. Oh how fun was this...I love seeing what Christmas looks like everywhere else!! Wonderful shootout...giggle loved the penguins..we have moose here!!
    Happy holidays to you and yours, Sarah

  15. Awesome photos! Being in a very small town right now, I am wide-eyed over your shopping center! Love the decorations along with it.
    While looking for Christmas cards to send out, we dug through piles of cards, and only found one that had Santa with his hat off, kneeling to the Christ child. It was lovely.

  16. lovely, I love looking at those huge trees, this one is really beautiful. but wouldn't it be better out in the forest filled with birds' nests. I like the one that floats out in Rio's lagoa better - every year they break it down and addiferent lites and designes - never dies.

  17. The Penguins aren't quite as cute as the Beatles, but that's okay, you have to love Liverpool! The pictures you are sharing are wonderful, because like Nancy's pictures, the displays are on a human scale and well appointed. Thank you for sharing them, Scriptor.

    Happy Holidays, from Barry and Linda with love.

  18. I loved the giant "paper" chains! People are so imaginative.


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