Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas is over

Christmas is over so far as I’m concerned. Once the family visits have finished it’s back to ‘normal’ – what ever that may be. Nevertheless, the Christmas tree is still up and we have New Year to celebrate (more British moaning about how poor the TV choice is on New Year’s Eve). There’s paperwork to be done that has been put off since the week before Christmas. The fridge needs sorting so that the remains of the trifle don't go yucky. Then it’s a toss up whether you take the tree down straight away or leave it up till Twelfth Night. As the one who has to vacuum up all the needles I’m in favour of the former.

I like Christmas but the few days after the family have gone are not my favourite time of year. Bah, Humbug!

Nevertheless, I’ve got time to read some of my Christmas presents. Among the eight or none there’s a book on embroidery, a fascinating book about Averages, a book about Merseyside curiosities, a beautiful book of Natural History Art. Now where do I begin?


  1. amongst my gifts we numerous boks too...EH Gombrichs -Little history of the world'- reprinted, l've wanted that and l got it....several Perspehone books, (I wrapped and put under the tree for me! just in case!)

    love love love books...

  2. Glad you had a good one John. the embroidery would be my first choice. When I first went to sea half the crew were cross stitching. must get back into it sometime.

  3. Whichever you choose, you will probably start with the beginning - unless you are one of those annoying people who read the last page first?! :)

  4. I have some new Christmas books to read too, and have already started one -- which was a gift to Rob not me. Well, he received four and doesn't read as fast as I do so I've rationalised that it's okay!
    One book which my daughter gave me was the Booker prize winner, Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. i've started it too. She really does seem to have a wonderful way with words. Have you read it?
    Here's hoping it doesn't take long to get rid of all the pine needles!
    Happy New Year! Canadian Chickadee

  5. So I'm not the only person who gets their own books to put under the tree, FFF!
    No, Jinksy I don't read the last page first - I'd never read half the books if I did that.
    I should think cross-stitch would be a great thing to do in the van, Adrian. And not too space consuming.
    I've not read Wolf Hall, Carol. I did read Fludd though and it's on my list to read again some time.

  6. Oh lovely books! Funny, I didn't get any books this year.Happy bew year to you!

  7. A book on Averages? Then I wasn't so off on the Chemistry teacher thing after all.

    (BTW, sounds interesting.)


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