Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday Rambles

Have you ever wondered how the writers of fantasy novels choose the names for their characters? I realised the answer the other day when I did a round of my fellow bloglings and left comments. These were the first four Word Verification ‘words’ – Volipor; Minessi; Tarksh; Ledne. What do you reckon about Ledne for a hero’s name? Minessi would be a heroine and Volipor and Tarksh the villains!

As mentioned earlier in the week I put up our tree and decorated it. Linda Lu has done a great post this week about Christmas trees around the world. Well worth a visit.

Ali D, one of my latest followers, mentioned going in a Hershey store and delighting in the smell of chocolate. We don’t have Hershey stores over here in the UK and I’ve never noticed a particularly chocolatey smell in a Thorntons shop which is probably our nearest equivalent. However, the idea of a store with a wonderful smell took me back to my childhood visits to Liverpool city centre where the Cooper’s store ground and sold coffee. The aroma was positively heavenly.

At long last the wet weather that we have had since the beginning of November broke this week. A cold spell has brought some frost and bright sunshine. On Saturday I took advantage of that and had a walk around Arrowe Park and Landican Cemetery.

Then I used my bus pass for the first time and officially became an ‘old person’. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Firstly, I could just get the first bus that came to the bus stop and didn’t have to wait around in the cold – it didn’t matter that it was going all around the world before getting to Heswall. Indeed, that just made it more enjoyable – all those miles at no cost!!!


  1. My little Brother officially old. Oh dear. What does that make me?

  2. Only one problem with bus passes John they don't work till nine thirty.

  3. The great thing for me, Adrian, is that I often go out with Jo in the car and make my own way back so by the time I need it the bus pass is working! You should see if you can get an early bird chauffeur / chauffeuse!

    GB - I'm too kind to answer that!

  4. I love those fantasy name suggestions...!


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