Saturday, 19 December 2009

Don’t read this if you haven’t watched the Strictly Final yet!

Waiting after the Exhibition Dance

My favourites - not in terms of odds on winning but in terms of enjoying their performances - have been Chris and Ola. And now Chris and Ola are the new Strictly Come Dancing Champions.

From the moment they met they clicked as a partnership and they were brilliant in the Final.

I suspect people anticipated that the judges scores in the Final would be favouring Ricky and Natalie throughout but the scores were so close that at the end of it there were only four points in it. Ricky and Natalie 190; Chris and Ola 186.

The Judges scored Ola and Chris higher on two of the four dances - including the Lindy-Hop where both teams were on the floor together - and gave them a perfect 50 for their Charleston.

If the high spot was lifting the glitter ball trophy getting a 10 from Craig must have come a close second. Their exhibition dance was also brilliant and they got 46 out of 50 for that.

Waiting for the moment of truth.

A tearful Ola cannot believe it.


  1. Well. And I missed it all from the moment I left the UK.

  2. Wasnt it favourites have been Ali and brian from the get go...when the travesty happened and they were booted off..I love the Cola partnership.....

  3. What a fantastic final. What are we going to do on a Saturday night now?

    After Ali and Brian were voted off, I just fell for the "Hobbits" - an absolutely delightful "little" partnership and a delightful couple too.


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