Tuesday, 1 December 2009

At this Moment...

I often work on the computer and watch television at the same time. I have a programme which enables me to have a screen of variable size in the corner and one click on it makes it full screen size. It’s ideal for most sporting occasions, enabling me to keep an eye on what is going on without ‘wasting’ my time just watching TV. One time it isn’t ideal is when Liverpool play Everton. Rarely is the match boring enough for me to get much work done. Most of the time the television is on full screen.

Back in September I did an imitation of Nan’s ‘At this Moment” postings. 
Here is another one:-

When it was: Sunday afternoon.

Where I was: In the study.

What I saw: On my computer screen the TV is playing and I see Liverpool scoring against Everton.

What I heard: The commentary and the cheers of the Liverpool supporters. One could almost hear the stunned silence of the Everton fans.

What I smelled: Nothing – but my sense of smell is very poor.

What I tasted: A toffee with chocolate inside it - we call them Chocolate Eclairs in the UK – not sure if this is the same name in the US. (Confusingly we also use the name Chocolate Eclair for cakes of puff pastry with cream inside and chocolate on top.)

What I felt: Cool because it’s a cold and windy day and there’s a draught in the study; Excitement that Liverpool might win; tense because a game is never over until the final whistle goes...

Merseyside's local paper, the Liverpool Echo used to have a competition called ‘Spot the Ball’. A photo was printed with the football painted out. Punters guessed where the ball had been and put their crosses on the spot.

They would have been hard put to guess the location of the ball when Mascherano scored his goal.

His shot was going well to the goalkeeper’s right but got a deflection off the Everton defender and went to the goalkeeper’s left instead. A fluke of a goal and, I have to admit, against the run of play. But with Liverpool being in the doldrums we’ll take them however they come. A second goal was more acceptable - to us if not to the Evertonians. A final score of  2-0; respectable.


  1. I looked at that last shot and my father's words rang loud in my ears - he should be ashamed of himself for taking points for such sloppy play! But at least he would have been happy that his socks were pulled up! My dad's game was rugby league and he spent hours with pencil in hand poised over the "Where's the ball" each week.

  2. Fun.
    We call the pastries with cream in them and chocolate frosting on top, Chocolate Eclairs...I have not had the candy, but we may have that, too.

  3. CJ and my Dad's game was Rugby League too - Wigan, for some curious reason, was a team he supported.

    What I was going to say to the result before I read Pauiline's comment was "Hmmm". But then, as an ex-Evertonian I would, wouldn't I.


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