Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Extracts from a Typical Week

Monday:- I post a Happy Monday post on my Blog for the benefit of those who have their working week start again on a Monday. Fortunately, being retired, Monday no longer has that significance for me any more. If the weather is good I may get out into the garden and potter. This year my inability to swim is rather reducing my time spent gardening. Monday is also my principal day for doing the washing. Weekdays usually provide me with a television programme or two around the five o’clock mark – such as the antiques programme ‘Flog it’ and the quiz programme ‘Eggheads’. At bedtime I'll read in bed for an hour or so.

Tuesday:- I usually trot along to the Library and a have a browse, hoping for something exciting on the ‘new books’ shelf. While I am down that end of Pensby I usually pop into the chemist and also get a Lotto lucky dip from the newsagents. If Liverpool are featured in one of the mid-week matches I may well watch football while working on the computer on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening.

Wednesday:- As most mornings, I will get up early and check my e-mails, read my comments, look at other people’s blogs and comment where appropriate. Jo sometimes starts work late on a Wednesday so if I’m lucky we’ll have the chance for a morning coffee and a crossword together. While Jo reads out the clues and fills in the answers (hopefully) I often do some embroidery.

Thursday:- A walk up to the Co-op, greengrocers and the butchers sees me exercising my arm muscles as I stagger back with the shopping. There always seems to be one heavy item that I add at the last minute thinking it won’t be too difficult to get it home... Need a cup of coffee when I get in and probably watch ‘Bargain Hunt’ while I wash the dishes and do some odd jobs in the kitchen and a have a wander round with the vacuum and duster.

Friday:- My Friday posts will include the ‘Friday My Town Shoot-out’. Probably put another wash on and do some cooking or baking in the morning unless Jo is free. If Jo has some time to spare we may go into Birkenhead together and get some shopping from the market before having a cup of coffee.

Saturday:- In the evening, if Jo is home, we light the log fire in the living room and watch ’Strictly Come Dancing’. When it’s over I will head for bed and have a read and some supper in bed while Jo watches the ‘X Factor’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity’, programmes which are not my cup of tea.

Sunday:- Among my Sunday posts will usually be a dispensing of my Photography award. In the morning I either watch or tape ‘Something for the Weekend’ a chat show with great recipe ideas. With a bit of luck Jo and I will also share a coffee and crossword and I’ll do some more embroidery. In the afternoon I play on the computer, possibly with a grand prix or football match on in the background.

All this, of course, will totally go to pot over the next few weeks as the annual Christmas panic sets in.... Then, next January, I'll find that Christmas wrapping paper I bought cheap earlier in the year and discover where I put the dessert recipe I'd been saving for twelve months to have at Christmas time...



  1. You can drink coffee, do a crossword and embroider all at the same time. Who says men can't multi-task?

  2. That's you well sorted John. A post of some restraint. All that walking and no mention of the hours spent drying out. All the best.

  3. Jo watches I'm a celebrity???? She's sooooooo brave! I had horrible flashbacks for days after only seeing the trailer (someone having a big astronaut type helmet put on their head and then huge spiders being put in with their face - reminiscent of the part of 1984 where he's threatened with a similar torture with rats).

  4. You are a true multi tasker only.....

    Please, some news about Meek - or is that pusscat so recovered that you have her back on housekeeping chores .....

    Please for an update, and a photo???

  5. My diary would be easier than this to write - I get up ...and follow my nose until bedtime! It leads me in all kinds of unexpected directions! lol :)

  6. That all has a familiar ring to it somehow, even if my routines are not exactly the same... I'm less good at multi-tasking for one thing because there's usually no one to fill in the crossword for me! But then I don't do embroidery anyway so never mind... ;)

  7. This sounds like a nice set of routines. Life's small pleasures, shared and enjoyed.


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