Wednesday, 21 October 2009

What weeds do you have?

Noticing some Groundsel in GB's garden earlier in the year it reminded me that when we were young Dad's garden had chickweed and groundsel in it. They, so far as I can recall, were the principal weeds (discounting grass). By contrast, Groundsel and Chickweed are not weeds that have proved a major problem in the gardens of houses I have owned.

All my houses have had Dandelions and Creeping Buttercups. In Pensby the Bittercresses are a real pain in the neck (and on the knees). And the ‘lawns’ have Daisies and Clover.

But the real bugbear of my gardening life is Bindweed. It rampages up the hedges and in any patch of undergrowth or thick planting. Isn’t it funny how some of the worst weeds have some of the loveliest flowers when viewed dispassionately!

Among the bloggers I visit are those who have trouble with everything from Tumbleweed to Yellow Star Thistle. What are your worst weeds?



  1. I like a lot of the weeds in our garden as they have pretty flowers and attract wildlife. The ones that I do not hesitate to remove are a species of willowherb, ordinary lawn-type grass, bittercress, dandelions and my arch-enemy: creeping cinquefoil.

    My beautiful verbascums are also seeding quite a bit and at some point may have to be weeded, but before it gets to that I shall distribute them to members of the family (I'm bringing you some up this weekend).

  2. Suppose one man's weed is another's poison. Chickweed, brings back memories, my budgie used to love it never noticed it in years.

  3. Those last two pictures are lovely - I only hate columbine (which we have too) because it's so rampant. We have a lot of herb robert in the garden, which is another pretty weed, but it can be invasive. The hens like the chickweed, so its all right. Nettles and thistles are the worst, I think, but they are good for butterflies and goldfinches.

  4. Even your weeds in England are elegant.
    I have so many weeds in my neglected yard that I can not even begin to expound upon them.

  5. How can a WEED be so beautiful? hehe I think I would let these take over...


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