Sunday, 18 October 2009

Award For Photographic Excellence

Each Sunday I give an award to one of my favourite blogging photographers. When I first started blogging and looking at Blogs it was the excellence of people’s photos that attracted me. Nowadays I am equally interested in the writing but every now and then a particular photo reminds me how many brilliantly talented amateurs there are out there. I have decided to give the award to one person every Sunday until I run out of folk to give it to. The award is in no particular order so please don't feel left out if others precede you!

The recipient is welcome to display the award on their blog but is equally welcome not to do so. There is no passing on or writing deep secrets necessary. It is simply an acknowledgement from me of how much I have appreciated the person’s photographs.

And today's Photographic Excellence Award goes to Adrian, wandering somewhere around the UK!

I am an old fashioned sort of photographer who generally is more interested in what one can achieve with the camera than what effects can be managed with computer software. Adrian uses both to great effect and I enjoy some of the great textures he achieves even before playing with them. I have also been delighted with how many unusual places he has already managed to visit on his motorhome tour. Already he has found lots of interesting spots in areas that I thought I knew pretty well. If you want a trip around the UK stick with him - it promises to be great.



  1. Oh, you're right! Great photos!!!

  2. CJ, thank you very much, would willingly and proudly display it, will have to work out how.
    Despite my name A. Ward can't remember when last I had one.
    Hope you are feeling better today, thank you again.

  3. Good awarding! I'm enjoying hitching a tour around the UK with Adrian! Long may his adventures continue!!

  4. Congratulations, Adrian! And well deserved. I too am one of your fans.
    Thanks, Scriptor, for introducing me to so many wonderful photographers.
    Hope you are feeling better today, Scriptor.
    Take care, Canadian Chickadee


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