Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Week-end - Saturday

On Saturday Food-loving-Daughter and Son-in-law-who-cooks arrived and I was treated to a home-made (by Helen) birthday cake. Fortunately it didn’t have 60 candles on it – that might have tested my lung capacity!

We then went for a meal at the Kings Gap Court Hotel but Rich decided to give it a miss and stay at home to nurse his tooth abscess – ouch.

Brian and Moe – Jo’s brother and sister-in-law – met us at the hotel. During the pre-meal drinks various cameras were on display and I played with the panorama function on my new Sony.

Bryony taking photos – Mark’s job was simply to be photographed.

This was my melon and berry starter.

And my second ‘birthday cake’ – my profiterole dessert. Presumably because of the requirements of the Health and Safety Acts I was informed by the waiter that I shouldn’t eat the candle. Mind you – the fact that it was one of those re-lighting ones may have been the reason – ouch that could hurt!

We had coffee in the hotel library with the cameras once again in evidence.

Even when I went outside for a quick smoke the fun continued!

I liked these Ionic Capitals on the library woodwork. We did, however, have a debate as to what constitutes a library – there certainly weren’t many books.

We went back to The Willows for the evening and those staying there overnight were treated to a lovely buffet meal prepared by Jo. And another cake!



  1. It looks as if you had a wonderful weekend. Congratulations! And many good wishes for the years ahead.
    Canadian Chickadee and English Robin

  2. What a nice post, John - you've shared the moments beautifully with us...thank you, friend :)

    I'm always blessed to see family smiling and the warmth of togetherness in a photo...all of these have captured this.

    Your girls are adorable with their camera's peeking back at you ;)

    Again...Blessings to this year ahead of you.

  3. Scriptor, Happy Birthday from across the pond. I wish you the best!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!
    Three desserts!!! Wow!!! What fun.
    ;^) ;^) ;^)

  5. what a wonderful time you all had, was lovely of you to share it with us. Best wishes for many more birthdays xx

  6. A very belated but very happy birthday to you! I am glad it was filled with family, happiness (and of course food). Best wishes for the years ahead, may they be just as fun and twice as happy!


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