Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Liverpool v Manchester United

One of the most bitterly fought (and I use the word fought advisedly) rivalries in English soccer is that between Liverpool and Manchester United. The Liverpool Derby Match between Liverpool and Everton (whose ground is only half a mile away) is always undertaken with good humour between the fans. The losing fans will be joked about for many weeksd afterwards. But there is no joking when Liverpool meet Man U.

Sunday's match between them at Anfield saw one player from each side sent off and Liverpool beat their rivals by 2 goals to nil.

Fernando Torres and substitute David Ngog were the scorers and when the latter's goal went in during extra time Liverpool's goalie, Jose Reina, ran the whole length of the pitch to be among the first to congratulate Ngog.

A marvellous ending to a great weekend of family celebration for my birthday. Seeing the miserable face of Manchester United's manager - Alex Ferguson - was an extra present. I know one shouldn't glory in other people's misery but, what the heck, I'm only human!



  1. And, what the hell, it was your birthday, after all.

  2. He looks miserable regardless if we win or lose. Don't think I have ever seen him crack a smile yet. lol.

  3. Absolutely. Go, Manu U!!!
    Canadian Chickadee

  4. Gotta LOVE IT! So glad you had a wonderful Birth Day! That had to have been an awesome day and your so right, what more can a man ask for? NADA THING! :)


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