Wednesday, 21 October 2009

The Robin's Song

Scarce heard amid the choral throng
That gave the Spring its greeting,
You triumph, Robin, when your song
Marks summer’s joys retreating;
Then, while the green leaves flame to gold,
And rain drips on their embers,
You raise, above the sodden mould,
The song of all Septembers.

Chir’ri-tew! Iri’ri-tew!
Wis—yoo, Wis’-yoo!
Wee’! – Swee’! – Tew-ay’!
Tew, tew’, tew, Psee’!
Chirri-wee’! Tyo-to’!
Se-Wis’sy-wissy, Wis’sy-wissy, Wee’!

Walter Garstang ‘Songs of the Birds’



  1. What lovely photos of Rob's namesake! Thanks, Scriptor! The photos and poem are great!
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. This robin is different from what I'm used to seeing here in the US. Yours is a more handsome bird I think. It appears to be smaller also. Great photos.

  3. Yes Tricia, ours is smaller. But they are related, both being members of the Thrush family.

  4. What a beautiful shot. I've been photographing birds this week and finding them most difficult to capture as they are always on the move.


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