Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Word Blog - Honest Scrap Award

Monica of Dawn Treader kindly gave my word blog the Honest Scrap Award. Rather than alter the general theme of that by doing a posting on that blog I thought I would mention it here.

I don’t propose to pas it on because I have a bit of problem with making rules for other people (though Monica kindly turned them into stipulations). But if you would like to see who else she gave it to you could visit her posting here.

One of the stipulations is that I share ten things about myself. I tried to think of ten things that I hadn’t shared at one time or another but then I realised most visitors either hadn’t followed this blog from the beginning or wouldn’t remember that I had mentioned them before so I’d just pick ten odd things.

1. I have never been outside the UK. In fact, I haven’t even been around the whole of the UK. I have lived in England and seen most of it. I have had many holidays in Wales and a holiday caravan there for a while. My brother GB lives in Scotland I have visited him quite often. But I have never been to Northern Ireland. To use the words in the sidebar of Nan’s blog – “I suppose I am a sparrow, a stay-at-home bird.” Gladys Taber
2. I love photography. natural history, reading, writing, blogging, embroidery, drawing, painting, Liverpool Football Club and motor racing.
3. Seeing the progress of my children into caring responsible adults has been the most satisfying thing in my life.
4. I love listening to music – especially classical music with a bit of 60’s pop thrown in – but I cannot sing for toffee and have never learned to play a musical instrument. (Unlike all three of my children who played musical instruments to various degrees.)
5. Every time I refer to my three children I feel guilty at not mentioning my other son who died in infancy. It is a problem that many bereaved parents find – how to refer to all their children without causing embarrassment or without constantly explaining oneself.
6. I have worn my hair longer than average for most of my life. In a very conventional job it was my one concession to eccentricity and harking back to my sixties upbringing. Nowadays it is getting shorter (and thinner) and currently it is the shortest it has been for about twenty odd years.
7. If I were to be asked the most important qualities in life I would say equality, justice and fairness.
8. For over thirty years I have suffered from chronic pain. That is such a part of my life that I find it difficult to list ten things without mentioning it.
9. I qualified as a librarian and spent the first ten years of my career as a librarian. (I then went into Housing administration and then into the local authority Chief Executive’s office – a role which covered a multitude of sins.)
10. My current residence is the eleventh place I have lived – beginning with my parents home in Broad Green, Liverpool; then four places in Leeds when at college; then the rest on Merseyside - in Bootle; Formby; Croxteth (Liverpool); Walton (Liverpool); Heswall; and Pensby.



  1. Thank you John for picking up the "sharing" part! I enjoyed reading your facts. Some things I knew already, others not. Always interesting to learn more! :) /Monica

  2. I don't know any blogger that is more deserving of an award than you. Congratulations. You always have such interesting things to share. Thank you. It is always a pleasure to read your posts.

  3. I feel as though I knew these things about you, although I don't think I've read them before...maybe a few.

    John, you and are ARE so much alike. I loved the sparrow too :)

    How exciting, well, I think it's exciting that you were a librarian once upon a time!! That's one I certainly didn't know.

    This was nice to read, very nice :)

  4. It's wonderful that you find it comfortable to so generously share so much of your life with us. You are one of the most interesting people I know.
    REgarding your list of ten items, I particularly liked # 7 on your list, and couldn't agree with you more.
    Thanks again for another interesting post
    The Canadian Chickadee
    PS - If my typping has gone to pot, it's because my beagle has decided to climb on my lap and is "helping" with the keys. I could bewrong, but I think it may be dinnertime!


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