Friday, 17 June 2011

Tudor House Cafe, Chester.

We had coffee (and a crossword, of course) in this cafe on our visit to Chester the other day. And very nice it was too - the cafe, not the crossword - that was a bit of a stummer and took a while.

It was built about 1503, nearly a hundred years before coffee arrived in England and 150 before the first coffee houses.


  1. Excellent place. Good coffee and friendly service. Where else these days would the person who took the order realise that you had been given the wrong coffee (the barista had misread her writing) and come over and offer to have it remade?

  2. What a charming place! Thanks for sharing,
    Canadian Chickadee

  3. Hi CJ your blog was given to me by Adrian who is a frequent visiter to mine. He sent me over here as I am looking for some old B&W images that need repairing or colour tinting for a website I am building. He said you might have some. I need ones that are damaged or torn faded and marked that kind of thing. If you do have a couple and they are what I am looking for and you don't mind them being on the web I will happily repair them and maybe colour a couple and e-mail them back to you free of charge. My e-mail is
    I have read some of your posts and was pleased that you have sold some of your photos I like the Inn signs being a bit of a bird photographer. I have never seen a Golden Eagle in the wild but it is one on my list. I was interested that you consider the 70's music as modern. Being 48 yrs I grew up with Queen and Kate bush and did go to Knebworth once. What an experience that was. I have added you to my Follow list so will be back Regards and Best Wishes Kev


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