Monday, 6 June 2011

An Iris Day

GB's car was off the road today so we only went to Heswall - for a coffee at Lingham's, of course!

I got ten minutes worth of gardening done and watched as two more Iris opened. These two were last year's Father's Day presents from Bryony and Mark.

Arctic Age



  1. Glad to see that at least some of the irises are still alive! I have to admit they looked a little worse for wear when we eventually delivered them to you.

  2. Gorgeous, Scriptor! Thanks for sharing. Hellos to GB.

  3. It is so hard to think of an Iris in any other color than purple! The white Iris is so beautiful. It reminds be of a promise. Maybe the color white and the purity of it just makes it so much more "special". Just beautiful!

  4. The white iris are absolutely spectacular! The snowiest white I've ever seen. Also one of the most difficult things to photograph and show any definition -- which you've done beautifully. Bravo!
    Canadian Chickadee


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