Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chester Grosvenor Museum

GB and I went to the Grosvenor Museum in Chester yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised – it was far better than I had anticipated. I had thought it would be confined to Roman remains – for which Chester is justly famous but there were a whole host of other displays the variety of which can be judged by the following:-

A hippo's molar from nearby Cefn Caves.

A Victorian house – I loved this photo frame with its little doors that could be opened or closed (the black bow signifies the person had recently died).

This room was set out as it might have been in the 1870s – which is the period in which my (as yet unpublished) novel is set!

A delightful little silver saucepan – Chester had its own assay office until the 20th century.

Pistols from the Cheshire police force of around 1840/50.

The most beautiful fossilised Nautilus I have ever seen. (It was over a foot across).

A horn from about 1560.

A beautiful painting from Jonathan Briel.

I shall post separately about the Roman remains and the art of Louise Rayner – who by coincidence appears in my (still unpublished!!) novel.


  1. I love museums!! My parents took us to museums as soon as we could walk, I seem to remember, and I was never bored in any of them.
    It is raining non-stop today; the perfect day for a museum trip were I not working.

  2. Well that seems to be a museum where one could spend some time!
    You better get that novel published, we (presumtive readers) are getting 'curiouser and curiouser'...

  3. Hi Scriptor- I love the nautilus shell-it has such sublime beauty. Shels are a fascination of mine- I own a large number of them. The painting is lovely as well. I look forward to seeing some Roman artifacts.

  4. Wow! Can you imagine getting a toothache with a molar that size!
    That would be some pain me thinks.

    The weather has improved today so isn't it about time you packed your case and came visit Lewis?

  5. Yes. An excellent day out. Like you I was well impressed with the Grosvenor Museum.


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