Saturday, 4 June 2011


Summer is here! Yesterday was scorching hot and today looks set to be the same. Jo is away with her students for a residential weekend so it's timed it perfectly. In addition to lots of classroom work there are plenty of outdoor activities including a campfire tonight – toasted marshmallows, the lot!

GB will be arriving tonight to stay for a few days so in addition to inspiring me to blog he'll almost certainly be taking me out to some photogenic places so fingers crossed the weather stays sunny.

I haven't posted on any of my other blogs for ages so I managed to finally get one done this morning – on my garden blog. Lots more garden plant photos to post once I get them sorted. But I think it's time for coffee and a crossword on the patio...


  1. I am very glad to hear that you and GB will be together again. ;^) I know that you will enjoy the time to visit.

  2. Hello John, Glad to see that your summer has arrived again. Ours seems to have got lost in transit! Today is a beautiful day but the breeze is very chilly indeed. 12c but at least the sun is shining.

    Hurry up and come visit - you always bring the sunshine with you. xx

  3. Lovely shots. I heard about your great weather from my brother. He's visiting England (he lives in Newfoundland) and emailed me yesterday to tell me about two beautiful days in Torquay.

  4. Hi Scriptor! Summer has arrived here in New England too. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful plants! Please give my regards to GB-he's one of my favorite blog pals.

  5. Agree with Cynthia. So glad GB is home again. Enjoy the sunshine, and the beautiful flowers in your garden. Take care, Canadian Chickadee

  6. A friend of mine says he feels we only really come alive in summer, and while I feel pretty much alive all year round, he does have a point, doesn't he!
    Happy crossword-solving :-)


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