Friday, 1 January 2010

What year is it?

Questions I need to answer fairly soon...

Is it twenty ten or two thousand and ten? I haven’t decided what I’m going to call it yet. I expect I’ll wait a few days and find out what everyone else is saying and then go along with the majority.

Is my cold bad enough that I have to put off my forthcoming appointment with the nurse for pre-op routine tests prior to my heart surgery? I think the last time I had flu was about 1978 – certainly the last bout I can recall. I have had a cold more recently but not in the last ten years or so. Now I’ve gone and developed one just when it matters – they won’t do routine heart surgery if you’ve got any sort of infection. It’s slightly ironic that you have to be well before they’ll admit you to hospital! If the garlic and Vitamin C get rid of the cold I’m due to have appointments with the nurse on 5th Jan and the consultant on 7th Jan after which I get my date for admission.

How many books did I read in 2009? I want to do an article on my book blog summarising the totals and the best reads of the year. I’ve only got ten fingers and ten toes (though two of the latter are always breaking so I could count them as twelve if need be). I think I had read 22 books before the end of February 2009 so I‘d better see if I can find an abacus anywhere.

Bugger. I make no apologies for my language – I’ve just typed about four more questions and then pressed that magic button which deletes everything back to the last save. Needless to say I cannot recall what they were...

What am I going to do with my Project 355 Blog? It was originally designed only to run until 31st December 2009. Do I continue it and post one photo a day on it in 2010? Do I allow myself a change of rules?

To how many people do I owe e-mails? I really must spend some time on the computer and get up-to-date. I’ve done very little on the computer over the Christmas holidays and am behind in e-mailing and in keeping up with the activities of my fellow bloglings. I hope all are OK. I pre-scheduled most of my own blog posts and need some discipline to put down the Christmas present books I am reading and get back on the keyboard.

Would Jo like a coffee and a crossword yet? Probably the most important question of the morning.... Bye.


  1. This year is pronounced 'Mux'........MMX. Quicker to write than the new fangled system.

  2. l think if you made up the rules in the first place then you can change them for sure!

    happy days

    saz x

  3. Thanks for the update re: dates for the doctor's visits, etc.
    We'll be keeping our fingers crossed and our prayers said for a good outcome.

    Canadian Chickadee

  4. I believe we all had other interests and activities to draw our attention over the holidays -so "lighten-up" (as we say in America) on any pressure you are putting on yourself as the author of this or other blogs! See the man leaning back in his robe and slippers at the top of this blog? That's you (metaphorically) taking it easy.

    No rules are written in stone, no regimen demands to be kept. This is a new year and new beginning.

    As a reader, I enjoy your comments and posts because the person you are shows through and that person is the one that I care about getting to know, so take care of yourself and ring us up anytime, especially if we can be of any help.

    I vote for "twenty-ten".

    PS Fresh natrual orange slices, eaten pulp and all are a great source of vitamin C. Also, "Cold-ease" zinc lozenges, like hard candy, have been proven to reduce the duration and severity of colds.

    Hope you will be feeling better soon. I hope you will keep us posted on how you are doing.

  5. That sounds good to me, Adrian. And 2011 could be Muxi but what happens when we reach 2012?

  6. John easy....It's why we swopped. admit it works for this year,

  7. Delete last comment we Romans is.................F..........D

  8. Isn't it rather typical of us all that the men folk get into a discussion on correct use of numbers and the ladies do the mother hen thing? I hope you get to keep your appointment at the hospital, I figure the sooner you have that op, the sooner you will be bouncing back. So take good care.

  9. Your musing about books you read has prompted me to think about tracking the books I read this year.....hmmmmm... Happy New Year and wishing you a gentle recovery when you have your surgery.

  10. AHH, I am not calling this year anything. I was just telling Huhoney I remember thinking at one time that 2000 anything would mean I would be dead! It just seemed ancient! so maybe I will just call it...ancient! I hope and pray for you that all will be well with you and that this year will prove to be the BEST HEALTHIEST year of all! Best wishes my friend!

  11. I'm sure as the days progress you will address the questions again, and maybe find some don't need answers. Whatever, I hope the hospital appointment is allowed to go ahead, which means you'll soon be over the cold.

  12. You lost me Adrian - I had to give up trying to woprk out which comment to delete and which to leave on so I published them all - certainly the one about why we changed seems to sum it up.
    I recall from my schooldays - "Latin is a language as dead as dead can be; it killed the Ancient Romans and now it's killing me..."
    I think you're right there Pauline - and I thank all the girls for their good wishes. I'm sure Adrian was sending them as well but like all good menfolk he does it silently - stiff upper lip and all that (especially as he has a lot to cope with healthwise and doesn't make a fuss about it like I do!).

  13. Twenty ten, for sure, over here.
    I hope you begin to feel better PDQ so that you can keep your appointment.
    The whole question of blogging and responding to emails wears me down sometimes. When I'm in a good frame of mind it's a whiz, but other times it feels like a burden and I don't like that at all. I'll try to do as one of your commenters suggested and 'lighten up' - good advice!

  14. I'm saying twenty ten. But like you, will go with the majority when that happens.

  15. Hope your cold gets better in time for your doctor's appointment!

    I used to keep a list of books I read on the computer that crashed in November... /sigh/


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