Thursday, 14 January 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Birds

This week's subject for the Friday My Town Shoot-out is Birds (real or otherwise) – and was chosen by me!

I decided to include the 'otherwise' because not everyone has the equipment to capture the real thing but I hoped I was not the only one with artificial birds in the garden. In this case the baby robin doesn’t seem to be afraid of our Owl!!

Regrettably, this kingfisher is also artificial. He is made of plastic and guards my ponds.

So far I have recorded 22 species of bird in the garden and further 11 overhead. The following are some of the ones that visit my garden:-

Blackbirds nest in the garden hedge and along with Wood Pigeons are probably the most reliable of our species being seen every day throughout the year.


Blue Tit – they nest in one of the nesting boxes I have put up.

Coal Tit.

Great Tit.

Goldfinches feed at our niger seed feeders.

Greenfinches also come to the bird seed.


House Sparrows became quite rare in the latter part of the 20th century but are now getting back to their mid 20th century levels.

Dunnocks (which used to be called Hedge Sparrows) nest in the garden hedge and usually feed at ground level – picking up the seed that the other birds have thrown of the seed trays.

The Pied Wagtail is one of three birds that has only arrived in the garden thanks to the recent snowy spell.

But the Robin is a regular visitor all year round.

While the Siskins mainly appear in spring.


The noisy Starlings are here all year and especially like it when there are mealworms on the bird table.

The perky little Wren is another all year round species and probably nests in the woodpile beneath the hedge.

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  1. Empathise with the equipment remark John!!
    A veritable feast of birds, magic.

  2. Again you have me wishing for a better camera! ;) Not that I'd ever be able to get my eyes on so many different kinds of birds anyway...

  3. you do have an excellent selection of birds in your garden it must be a UK thing. have you seen Holdingmoments?
    I follow him religously to see what birds he has found to photogragh -
    good choice of topic for the week's FSO

  4. Truly amazing photographs! You are so so lucky to have such a variety of birds visiting your garden. We used to have quite a few, pigeons, collared doves, robins, thrushes, blackbirds and wrens but the population of neighbourhood cats has exploded and chased the birds away!

  5. these are great john!!!! l love to go walking out with a them in my mind...stretches your vision ..

    saz x

  6. I like the Tits best, I don't think I have seen them in my garden. Do you spent all your time rambling from your garden?

    Do you build a camouflage shed so the birds don't see you? My birds fly away when I come to the window.

    Thanks for suggesting the topic. I just happen to have photographed a few birds these couple of days.

  7. Well I just love those tits, I really do! There is no other way to say it, is there? I knew you would have great bird pics, and you do not disappoint! Thanks!

  8. I'm willing to bet your House Sparrow numbers are down in Britain because all the little fluffy devils moved to Canada - to my backyard specifically. Great theme choice!

  9. I love your birds! Many times when you post birds it reminds me of a friend who bought a house that was four stories, modern 70's style in Maryland, and her guest room had no TV, only books of birds, and binoculars of all sizes. Her house was surrounded by trees, and birds of all kinds...fond memories you bring back!

  10. Scriptor! What a fantastic variety of birds you have! I am very jealous! I love all the colors!
    BTW, great theme!!! Love it!

  11. Everyone is so cute this week, using "whilst" in their postings :) hmmmm...I do wonder why - not.

    I've always enjoyed that word from my two favorite UK brothers and I always enjoy visiting your birdies, too.

  12. Wonderful display. You were able to get more birds than I did, even though they are everywhere. That is until I try to get close enough to photograph them.

  13. Wow, you captured a lot of birds. They can be very difficult to snap, as one bird eluded me for quite awhile before I finally got a photo of it.

    My favorite is the second photo of the blue tit. I think it's a very pretty bird.

  14. You have some awesome visitors to your garden! Mine mostly from around town or the neighborhood and none are as exotic and pretty as these.

  15. I just knew you would have a cracker of a post on this topic! So many great birds shots but I just love the little sparrow with its dinner in its beak. I am so envious of your birds!!

  16. Scriptor - Thank-you for the wonderful theme this week, and I really love the variety you find just in your yard!

  17. Lovely shots! You have quite the variety of birds in your yard.

  18. Amazing photos. It takes a lot of patience to get good pics of birds! I had never seen that one called the Pied Wagtail - it looks interesting and like it has long legs.

  19. I enjoyed every picture. I love birds,too. Thank you for including an informative cut-line for each. Bless you for feeding and caring for and identifying these species of birds. I should do as well in my world.

  20. As usual, I'm jealous of the quality and clarity of your photos. Real (or otherwise) your bird shots were breathtaking.

  21. We don't have anywhere near as many birds in your yard. The ravens and woodpeckers are the bosses, and the Heron terrorizes the fish. The eagles come by in spring and fall and the swallows in the summer. We don't have anything as colourful as those wonderful tits but we do have Stellars Jays from time to time.

  22. Wonderful birds, Scriptor. I wonder if I might have such birds if it weren't for the voracious Natalie - they don't even bother to nest in my yard any more!
    Thanks for a great theme.

  23. What wonderful photos of the visiting birds to your feeders! They are beautiful! I am not sure which one to call my favorite. Bird watching is such a fun thing to do, I do not know my birds...luckily I have Huhoney who is very knowlegable in these things to help me along. hehehe have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Wowza!! I have bird envy!! What wonderful birds you have in your yard!! Loved this subject thank you!! Beautiful shootout!!

  25. your bird images are fantastic! nice series.

  26. Wow, you have some really amazing shots! I enjoyed looking at them all.

  27. Thank you for this fun assignment (though I cheated horribly). Your birds, and your photos, are lovely!

  28. ALL beautiful creatures and photos, CJ.

  29. Fantastic shots...all of them! Usually I can pick a favorite, but I love them all!


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