Sunday, 31 January 2010

Black and white, sepia and grey..

Another trawl of Uncle Eric’s photos.

I wonder which bridge this is that was being built or repaired in the 1930s or 40s.


This is East Gate, Warwick, taken during his cycling holiday in 1930.

And Guy’s Cliff Mill, Warwickshire, from the same holiday.

This was from the same holiday and what amazes me is how smart Lichfield Cathedral looks. When I first saw it in the 1960s it was as black as Hades but here the stone looks as clean as anything – partly thanks to the print being over-exposed. Uncle Eric, like Dad, did all his own developing and prinitng.

Here is a close up using the original negative.

This is from his Cornish cycling holiday in 1932.

This is Mold’s main street around the mid 1930s.

This is a Mersey Ferry boat from the late 1920s or 1930s. I think it may be the Upton which was taken by the army in 1941 for use as a ferry and supply vessel for the anti-aircraft forts in Liverpool Bay.


The famous Overhead Railway that ran along the dock road, Liverpool. Photographed at midnight by Uncle Eric in the early 1930s.

A beautiful country scene – probably from Somerset or Warwickshire – 1930 or 1931.


  1. I see that amazing photography skills run in your family.

    These are outstanding. I particularly like the night shots.

  2. those are lovely and make one feel wistful for calmer, slower days...

  3. I have long felt I was born at the wrong time, much later than intended. I'm a turn of the century baby born too late. Seeing these pictures reminds me.

    I often think I was really meant to be a black blues singer during the Harlem Renaissance, but, then, the time machine would not only have to transport me back in time , but also change the color of my skin.

    C'est la vie.

  4. He developed his own pictures. I so like the photos. Old ferry boats are a great find in old photos.

  5. Some interesting photos there CJ.

    It's thanks to people like your Uncle Eric, that we are able to look into the past.

    He must have had steady hand for that midnight shot. :-)


  6. Going through Mum's old photos I have found another copy of the photo of the above bridge - dated 1929 it is labelled Atcham Bridge near Shrewsbury and seems to have been taken when Mum and Eric were on a cycling holiday.

  7. John, had a quick skim through these old pictures and aren't they wonderful? Well the majority are. I know you detest photographic manipulation but most of them, if not all could be restored to their original glory.

  8. 'Detest' is far too strong a word, Adrian. I think some of the photos you and Jendiana have created are briliant. It's just not my style, that's all. And I certainly wouldn't object to enhancement to restore something to its original glory.


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