Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some more gems

By popular demand – well, Linda and Jendiana wanted them! - some more gems from Uncle Eric’s photos.

Here are Mum and GB on 10th April 1945 in Calderstones Park. I suspect this was virtually the first time Uncle Eric had seen GB as the former was still in the army at that stage and may have been on his first leave after his exploits in North Africa and Italy. Love the pram!

This is Loggerheads Mill – an undated and very small photo but probably from the 1930s. It was interesting to find the original negative and scan it in to create this version of the photo.

Train enthusiasts may be interested in this old locomotive from the 1930s:-

Around 1933 Uncle Eric went to the Isle of Man TT and this is a photo he took of J F Pringle, an Australian, parting company with his Norton at Dunlop corner.

GB likes ships so here is one for him to investigate – the Cobnhavn. Undated but assumed to be the early 1930s.

Napes Needles, Great Gable, in the Lake District during a camping holiday, 1938:-.

Self portrait – 1930 at Land’s End. I’d love to know what colour those wonderful socks were?

The other day we had GB feeding the chickens – now he’s feeding the ducks on Llangollen Canal in 1948. I wonder how many photos of GB walking along this stretch of the canal there have been over the years? It was only about four years ago that I took one

But here are my favourites of all Uncle Eric’s photos – GB being bathed by the fire, 22nd April 1945. Sadly I haven’t been able to find the negatives to see if I can get a better print of the first one.


  1. Any chance of a close up of the makes plate and number plate on the train? Might be able to figure out when/where it was taken from that

  2. The baby tram is great and the pose with the purse in front on the ground suggests an impromptu photo shoot. The Norton looks to be going one way and the driver another! The train photo is a keeper. They all are.

  3. How sweet. It is of course just brotherly love that makes you show all the baby pictures of GB and none of your self, I assume...? :)

  4. Wonderful old photos. Thank you for putting them up.
    Love that baby in the washtub.

  5. Mothercare never sells baths like that! Wonderful old photos.

  6. Sorry Mark, I've tried and there's no detail visible.

  7. Unlce Eric is my hero. He must have been a very interesting man.

  8. I am really enjoying all of the family archives!! I know that I haven't commented much but I visit regularly to check in :)

    I know that you do the same...

    ...and when one or the other of us comments, it's a reminder that we're still connected with the other, so far away.


  9. Oh, these are just too good. They could go in a book. I absolutely love your Uncle Eric's collection - and I would also love to know the color of those socks! :)

  10. p.s. GB was such a cute little man!

  11. CJ! I am really loving all of these! Wonderful! It's so endearing to see GB in all of his sweet little baby-ness....
    Thank you so much for going to all the trouble and work to post these!
    You're the best.

  12. Love the photos John, especially Graham in the bathtub!!! Was he not just a lovely wee thing!! (of course he still is!!)


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