Monday, 11 January 2010


It looks as though the freeze is having a little break at last.

Friday was gloriously sunny but the record low temperatures of -17.6°C in parts of Cheshire made sure it didn’t melt the snow or ice at all.

On Saturday it was beautifully sunny but still so cold that the snow hardly melted at all during the day and the overnight freeze made the roads treacherous again.

On Sunday it was overcast and slightly warmer so that the snow dripped off the trees and rooftops all day long. We stayed in and I did some embroidery and watched television in front of the fire – with Meek taking pride of place, of course.

Then it snowed again over night and Pensby Road was a sheet of white again. But the warmer temperatures on Monday turned that to slush and the sky began to dump alternate outs of sleet and rain on the snowy ground.  The forecasts vary so we shall wait to see what tomorrow will bring...


  1. John, the ice crystals are beautiful. Pity it looks as if the cold snap is ending I really enjoy it. I am beginning to wonder how cold it's been with me as I've not had camera battery problems.

  2. Love the first two pictures even though they look much too familiar. We're still below zero here.

  3. The cold cold has finally hit us.
    Your fire looks so inviting.

  4. Hi, John,
    Hope you and Jo can stay warm and safe, and we'll hope for some good ol' fashioned English rain soon to take away all the snow.
    Love, Canadian Chickadee & English Robin

  5. Here it has been trying to snow at the same time as last week's snow has been slowly melting. Soon it will be back to grey, brown and green.

  6. OH it looks like EVERYONE other than me is in the cold zone! Freezing and ice and beautiful white snow all around them! I am envious because I would like to be held up at home with a hot cup of something and some warm backed something and my crochet hook in looks beautiful where you are!

  7. The weather is one of the favourite ( can't think of the english for "sujet de conversation") among english people, so many words for us to learn !
    Here we only have hot, windy, cloudy and raining ...

  8. That first picture is excellent. Can feel the cold from here.

    Meek has got the right idea. That fire looks so inviting.

  9. Love the first photo. I nominate you for the Kreativ Blogging Award. Stop by and get it.

  10. The crystals are beautiful indeed! It sure is cold over there. I'm freezing by only looking at the pictures!

  11. make this winter cold and snow look absolutely beautiful! So glad I stopped by today!


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