Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

Do you remember that Dean Martin song “Baby, it’s cold outside.”? Well it sure was cold outside yesterday morning.

Despite the air usually keeping a small part of the ponds clear they were all just sheets of ice. It took quite a while to break the surface of the fish pond to make sure they had enough oxygen to breath. I’m sure they could last all winter under the ice because there are so few of them and the volume of water is great but I always feel I should keep the surface clear for them. This morning they were hanging around just under the ice – whether that was waiting for their food, because it was the warmest water or simply to amuse themselves I do not know.

We live on the Wirral so the gritting lorries have been out. But Jo works in Liverpool and they have run out of grit. More seriously, they have run out of money and cannot afford to buy any grit. As mismanagement goes that takes the biscuit.

The frost made some delightful patterns on the plants but thanks to our central heating the good old days (Duh!!) of frost patterns on the windows have long since gone. So here are a couple from the 1960s:-

I hope you are curled up nice and warm this morning.


  1. I love all of your photos, but the frosted windows are awesome!
    Another wonderful thing about blogging is that, as wrapped up as I get in my own surroundings, I see what others are dealing with in their own little corner of the world.
    BRRRRR! Stay warm brother!

  2. Hope all went well at what my daughter used to call "the docket's" today.

    We'll be keeping our fingers cross for you anyway.

    Hugs to you and Jo, Canadian Chickadee

  3. Lovely shots. There's magic in frost, isn't there?!

  4. I had to put on a sweater after looking at these. But they are gorgeous! Love the window frost. And the plants encased in ice.

  5. Thank you for thinking of the fish and their needs and desribing their view from inside the pond. Is your pond a pond that is surrounded by fagstones, ie, a decorative piece in your garden, as was popular in formal gardens of yester-year (and in my childhood)? I think of that backyard so often and the reddish-golden carp who swam there.

    There is quite an artic blast here in the US also - pushing all the way down into my South land.

  6. What wonderful frosted window photos CJ. It's as if it were yesterday. Well. Hmm. Perhaps a bit longer ago than that...

    WV = THWOR I hope it's soon.

  7. I used to love looking at the feathery patterns on the windows. Thanks for reminding me of what used to be. The photographs are excellent. I might wade out into the white world to see if I can get a few decent shots.

  8. Just looked at the BBC weather photos. It sounds as if your area has really gotten the brunt of the snow. Hope all is okay and that Jo got to and from work safely. It's about 11:30 AM your time, so I'm hoping the weather has improved and things will be running smoothly again soon.

    Take care and God bless, Canadian Chickadee

  9. I assume that you now have snow as well as ice. Looking forward to more pictures.

    Again we have no snow in Devon, but there's a rumour that it's coming our way. Fingers crossed!

  10. It's coooooold here, too! ...supposed to stay that way into next week! No ice, yet...but some of the snow from Christmas week still lingers in shadowed areas.
    The frosty window photos are amazing. I think it's incredible that you could find them from the 60's and post them!

  11. Well at least I have no fish to think of! We've not had this long a period of snow and ice for years where I live, especially not starting already before Christmas...

  12. its sure is baby!!! great ice pics!!! eddit!!

  13. Beautiful photos. They cool me down, just looking at them. I appreciate that because it is still and quite warm here today. A little too warm actually. Never mind, it is what it is!


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