Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy Monday - The sort of response Jo would make...

With thanks to Granny for the cartoon.


  1. ha ha ha!! Love this!! Would have saved me some trouble in my marraige if I had been a little more like this..:)!

  2. Wuhl, yeah. You go, Jo! :) Hugs to you both!

  3. ok that is BRAVE! I loved it! EVERY woman reading your post will LOVE IT! LOL

  4. Good luck with Nursey tomorrow! Hope you are passed as fit enough.
    Quite a New Year pressy you are getting eh?
    Thinking of you.
    Love Granny

  5. Loved the red dress on the witty wife as well as her comment! Women readers will appreciate her sentiment and her good taste. We are a different breed from men, you know, multi-facetted, we are.

    Hope your cold is on the way out and your pre-op tests go well today.

  6. Too, too funny! And sad. Because it is sooooooo true!

  7. My, what a lot of blogs you have.
    I've looked at several of them. You are a busy blogger!

    I shall have to come over more (I did visit once or twice in the past but there was no feedback, so i gave up) and see which I like best and which you keep up to date. Your book blog is a brilliant idea.

    Love the cartoon, but have never had that problem. He'd have been locked out before the first utterance.

    I'll be back.

  8. I know, Friko, I have too many blogs! I think what I might do is put a little note at the top of my sidebar indicating what purpose they each serve. This, as you have probably gathered is my main one.

  9. thats funny...and lve just been watching some tommy coop ron youtube, so l probably laughed a bot to much, so am in giggly mood now..

  10. Fabulous, Sir! I've just lost a huge gulp of wine to my keyboard! Fhi x


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