Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Odds and Ends from Uncle Eric

I have been sorting through a lot of Uncle Eric’s photos seeking items to help with a possible article in the Meccano magazine. The end result has not been overly helpful in that regard but it has brought up some gems.

This photo of Eric – presumably on Eric’s camera - was taken by Dad when he and Mum were camping with Eric in the Lake District in the late 1930s. Uncle Eric had labelled it ‘Boots maketh the man’

This photo by Uncle Eric fascinates me. What are the stone pillars and where is it? Is it perhaps some sort of dou8ble market cross? I’d love to know the answer.

And how about this great hay harvest picture from the 1930s or 40s. I wonder where that was taken.

And this hay loader from the 1940s looks like N Wales or the Lake District. Possibly when he camped near Valle Crucis in 1948.

I was really taken with this car – a Bentley? I wonder whose it was?

Eric did a lot of cycling (this is a photo of a friend of his in Cheshire) and had holidays cycling on his own in Warwickshire, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall in 1930, 1931 and 1932.

One of the amusing things is the effort to which we go to exclude people and cars from our shots of famous scenes – like this 1931 photo of Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Ironically, of course, it is the people and vehicles which end up making a photo more interesting in years to come.

And to finish today’s little offering here is something for all you choc-a-holics – a permit to purchase chocolate!


  1. This was such a FUN and wonderful post today! MORE please share MORE old pics! I think I will dig up some OLD photos of my parents in Holland when they were on a gymnastics team....I LOVE old pics! Bring on some MORE!...

  2. In the top photo the bottom of the boots like spikes, more like golf shoes. You have some fascinating old pictures here you know. These are older than I am, so I know old.

  3. WOW...these vintage photos are a class all their own. I loved them all!

  4. Thanks Linda and Jendiana - as if I needed encouragement! I shall now be able to blame you for the fact that I'll be doing lots more postings of old pictures!
    TechnoBabe - they were hiking boots which, in those days, had hobnails to give them more grip.

  5. What beautiful photographs and great history. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks.

  6. I like that comment about "the effort to which we go to exclude people and cars from our shots of famous scenes". I remember Ann Hathaway's cottage from 1971, looking just about the same...


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