Tuesday, 5 February 2008

What to photograph?

The more I look through my old photos and the more I look at GB’s Blog the more I realise I often do not photograph the important things in life. Many of my old photos could just as easily have been taken today as in the 1960s. But when you look at GB’s blog a lot of the things are events or show life as it is at the moment. If I take a photograph of St George’s Hall I try to avoid having people, cars or anything else that ‘distracts’ from the building. As a result the photo could have been taken any time after 1854 – apart from the level of soot and grime on the surface! GB’s photos tend to show much more surrounding life..

This reflection was brought to mind again when I picked up a withdrawn library book at Pensby Library yesterday, “Village Life in England 1860 – 1940” . I must try to think laterally when next I take my camera around the streets and lanes – perhaps some photos of men repairing the road surface, up a ladder fixing the telephone lines, serving customers in the Co-op or simply queuing for the bus. I wonder how long it would be before I got either arrested or beaten up!

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  1. One of the advantages, of course, of a long focus lens. Another advantage of digital cameras is that you can take as many images as you want and discard the ones you don't want. I often walk round with my camera - particularly the smaller more discrete one - in my hand at waist level and point and shoot. It can be a bit hit and miss but people rarely realise they are in a photograph. Horizontal and vertical alignment are often less than perfect but with image correction programmes that's often easily cured.


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