Friday, 29 February 2008

The Big Issue

Do you know what a sandwich man is? If your answer relates to foodstuff and slices of bread I would suggest you are not as old as me!

A sandwich man was a person (often homeless or out-of-work) who walked around with a board on his front and back advertising some local product or service. They were paid peanuts and were out in all weathers. As late as the 1960s they could occasionally be found on the streets of Liverpool but sadly I never photographed one.

The modern equivalent is the purveyor of the Big Issue, the magazine published on behalf of and sold by homeless people. I came across two of them last Monday on my trip around the city centre and was surprised not to find more.

There is also a Big Issue seller who has a ‘pitch’ outside the Tesco car park in Heswall. I don’t always buy it but have tended to get it more frequently since Richard had a poem and an article published in it last year.

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