Sunday, 24 February 2008

A walking tour in 1930


Three girls drinking tea outside a farmhouse in Coniston in August 1930 while on a walking holiday in the Lake District. The middle one is Mum. Nothing exciting about this photo one might say. But these girls actually caused quite a ripple of comment in the Lake District when they went on their walking holiday that year.

This one is of mum’s friend Doris Makin, taken at Seathwaite on Borrowdale on the same youth hostelling holiday. Have you guessed yet why there was a furore at some of they places they visited? The answer is that they wore shorts! Men’s shorts because there were no such things for women in those days. Shorts that showed legs! This was not only revolutionary it was, in places, the subject of a great deal of admiration. And not just from the men. Their courage was also admired and commented upon by some of the women they met (whilst others – women and men - thought their boldness quite inappropriate!).

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