Thursday, 21 February 2008

An Egg from Lainee

As I have mentioned in passing a couple of times we have been selling things at Birkenhead Flea Market for the last few months. I thought I had done a blog posting on the subject but discovered I haven’t – obviously yet another of those things that has been worked out in my mind in the dead of night while coiled in the duvet but not implemented in the real world. Some of my other virtual blogs have been even more interesting!!!

After writing the above paragraph I discovered that I had done a blog posting – only it was on a different blog of mine! Teach me not to have so many blogs.

All that rambling was by way of introducing how pleasant and generous some of the regular flea market stall holders can be. Paul recently gave us a DVD about New Zealand when I mentioned GB was there and on Saturday Lainee the Painter gave me an agate egg that I had admired on her stall. The egg has now been added to my collection which sits in a wooden bowl on the elephant coffee table in the conservatory. When Jo is next reading out the Times Crossword clues I shall be rolling the egg in my hands seeking inspiration. Thanks Lainee.

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