Monday, 11 February 2008

Eyes left

One of the problems about trying to make money by selling things at the flea market in Birkenhead is that occasionally one comes across something on someone else's stall that one simply has to have. So far we've been very good and restricted our purchases to a few incense sticks, some perfume, the frog I got for my birthday (see Ribbit) and a couple of stools to sit on while behind the stall which have proved a Godsend for my back and knee.

But on Saturday Carl had a painting that I fell in love with. He was asking £20 so I ignored it all day until it was time to go home and he still hadn't sold it. I got it for a tenner. It is temporarily in the study which is not the best place for it becauase the eyes are most effective at a distance. Hopefully we shall find it a better location anon. (And no, I didn't choose the study wallpaper - it was already on when we bought the house.)

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