Friday, 15 February 2008

Collins New Naturalist Series

For many years I have collected New Naturalist books but, unfortunately, when I began I didn’t buy the new ones as they came out. As a result there are a number around 1990 that I am missing.

This was how they looked when I reached 98 – by which time I was buying them as they came out as well as still trying to fill in the gaps.

The latest one out is 105 – The Wye Valley – which I am currently reading and shall review soon on A Book Every Six Days.

The missing ones are either very hard to find and / or very expensive. Helen bought me one for my birthday which was much appreciated but I think we’ll have to have a lottery win in the family before I get number 76 which Helen showed me on E-bay today!


  1. I agree, the New Naturalists are a superb and addictive collection of books. Do you have any advice about how and where to find New Naturalist books?

  2. Nothing that I suspect you don't already know. Sadly, gone are the days when you could walk into a second hand bookshop and pick one up for a couple of pounds. I tend to use to check whether the prices being asked on E-bay are reasonable. Putting individual authors/titles into Google can bring up smaller booksellers (like myself -

  3. Jhelen tells me an ebay user called 'wirralmerchant' (not me I hasten to add) not only paid the £1400 for the hebrides book, but also bought the new naturalist ferns for £1120.

  4. While trying (unsuccessfully) to identify who wirralmerchant might be I found a new bookshop
    loads of new naturalists if you put that in the keyword search but I haven't checked what they are like in terms of value. The address is just down the road from me - just three doors down from Jo's best friend!


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